Cyborg Paycheck

A few days ago Marshall Fine was attending the opening-night party for the Dubai International Film Festival (12.6 to 12.14) “and I run into Avatar villain Stephen Lang who, as you may recall, was killed at the end of the first film. What are you up to? I asked. About to start shooting the Avatar sequels, he says. ‘But your character died,’ I said. He just laughed and said, ‘Yeah, well, we’ll see.’

Deadline‘s Mike Fleming revealed Lang’s return in late October. He quoted Avatar maestro James Cameron as follows: “Steven was so memorable in the first film, we’re privileged to have him back. I’m not going to say exactly how we’re bringing him back, but it’s a science-fiction story, after all. His character will evolve into really unexpected places across the arc of our new three-film saga. I really look forward to working with such a gifted actor, who’s also become a good friend.”

The idea of one Avatar sequel sounds…well, tolerable. Two sequels seems laborious at best. Three is appalling.

  • SmaugAlert

    Maybe Cameron can consult with Peter Jackson for tips on how to really pad this thing and milk it for all its worth.

  • DimitriL

    No one – at least these days – does a Cameron film as a paycheck role. They do it for the exposure, or they have a crazy mad-monk solidarity with him. There’s no other reason to do it – his sets are the most miserable, no-good, PTSD nexuses on Earth, at least in the entertainment world. The rumor awhile ago was that a lot of the second one is going to be underwater motion-capture. I mean, are you kidding me? There’s easier ways to make money, that’s for sure.

  • fahrenheit290

    It still surprises me that Avatar was able to make as much money as it did. No film has come close to that…not even The Avengers. I wonder how these sequels will do financially—I don’t know if enormous success is guaranteed like it was for The Hobbit.

  • pizan܍amore

    I’ve heard that the minerals being sought in the next three films will be gluttonium, hubrium and bestleftalonium .

  • Mark McSherry

    Succinct AVATAR review from John Derbyshire-

    “None of the Derbs saw the movie Avatar when it came out last year. Well, this month it came round again, at a local theater with the full IMAX and 3-D deal. We decided to go see it, the whole damn damily. So off we went: Dad, Mom, daughter, and son.

    “When the movie was over and we came out, Dad and son headed for the men’s room, Mom and daughter for the other place. The following conversation then took place in adjacent stations in the men’s room.

    “Junior: So, Dad, whaddya think of the movie?

    “Dad: Tell you the truth, Son, I was rooting for the Colonel.

    “Junior [laughing]: Me too.

    “Dad: For goodness’ sake don’t tell Mom I said that, though.

    “Junior: Course not.”

    • Correcting Jeff

      So was I, so was I.

      I’d love nothing more than to watch the suits return to Pandora and chuck an asteroid or two down from orbit on those annoying blue fuckers.

      Alas, one can dream…

  • TimDG

    The sequels will only be interesting if Cameron flips the script and mortifies Lefties like he did with True Lies (his least pretentious and most consistently entertaining movie). He should also bring back Giovanni Ribisi and let him go full Moberg mental as he and Lang conduct the massacre of the Navi.

  • Morpheos

    No one makes event films like James Cameron. 2.7 billion dollars. The man is both able to make action-packed films, and sell the sh** out of them. I’m looking forward to all the coming AVATAR films lining up right behind Titanic, giving Cameron the top 5 box office kings of all thime.

  • Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb

    Bloom’s really off that Avatar rose, no?

  • Jason T.

    Seems a shame that JC is wasting, what a decade or so, of his life to make these. He’s one of the VERY few who can make intelligent, big entertainment and I would love to see him make 2,3 movies with the time he has left. But God bless him and go right ahead.

  • pretto

    Doesn’t ,,everybody who dies on Pandora get reincarnated as a blue elf?

  • Gabe_Toro

    Which one is “Avatar” again?

  • kwisatzhaderach

    At first glance 3 Avatar sequels seems crazy. But then you remember Cameron made two of the top three best sequels ever made (Aliens and T2). There will be a reason (besides money) why he feels it necessary to make three of ‘em. So the least we can do is give him the benefit of the doubt. Whatever criticisms can be leveled against Cameron he’s still the most committed blockbuster director out there. He’ll give them 500%.