“We are not the mistakes of our past. We’re the resources and capabilities that we glean from our past.” — Jordan Belfort, who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street.

  • DrewAtHitFix

    I loved “Wolf Of Wall Street,” but you’re not going to start quoting Jordan Belfort like he’s anything more than an amoral greedy piece of human garbage who ruined lives and helped create a financial quagmire my kids are going to have to contend with well into adulthood, are you?

    Because that would be batshit fucking crazy, Jeff. Belfort is an awful human being, driven by avarice and naked hunger, and his “philosophy” can go fuck itself.

    • http://www.hollywood-elsewhere.com/ Jeffrey Wells

      I just happen to agree with that statement.

    • Marigny

      I believe it’s an interesting and truthful comment, despite the fact that Jordan is a piece of trash as you say…Leave out the asshole who said it, and most people would probably agree with it.

  • pizan܍amore

    How morally definitive.

  • http://2012diaries.blogspot.com/ tristan eldritch

    Pretty typical thing for a criminal to say.

  • nodirectionhome

    Jeff-Do you think Wolf will hold strong at the theaters or will it wimper out like Killing Them Softly ? I thought KTS was a sure winner for Best Picture by artfully tapping into America angst through the guise of a mob picture, but mainstream rubes expecting what I’m not sure turned away in droves as did the acclamations upon its release. It sounds like Wolf taps into the same Geist but more skillfully thanks to Scorseses touchof playing to both the high end and low end crowds.