Financial Propriety

The last Nymphomaniac update was that (a) the Danish distributor would be screening Lars Von Trier‘s film for local critics on 12.17 and that (b) the British distributor was thinking of screening it for London critics the same day. Soon after I was told by a top Magnolia guy that his company wouldn’t be screening it stateside “before the [12.25] Denmark opening.” This morning a friend told me I could slip into a special Munich screening of Nymphomania this coming Friday — too far, too sudden, too costly. Today another Magnolia guy told me that the company’s policy has changed from “no U.S. screenings this year” to (and I quote) “the only U.S. press that the film is being screened for this year are the trades.” To which I replied, “Does that mean critics for Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline and The Wrap? Or just the two ‘print’ trades?” I could still see it commercially in Copenhagen starting on 12.25, which would cost me around $1750 or $1800, all in. But you know what? The hell with it. This film isn’t worth it. I don’t care anymore.

  • Maurice

    Great to see this post about one of my all time favorite films. I saw it in 1959 and a number of times since then. Signoret remains one of the most deserving of Oscar winners.

  • Muscle McGurk

    Reality sure is a kick to the ol nuts

  • DukeSavoy

    There’s something insectoid about the bodies and the pose. Preying mantis about to munch its mate.

  • Michael

    Always wonderful to see how the actual quality of the medium you allegedly care so much about informs your opinion about whether a film is worth it or not….

  • Hollis Mulwray

    Never tried it with glasses.

    • Perfect Tommy

      Eating apples or reading?

  • Gil Padilla

    Who wears glasses doing that? And what if she farted right at that moment? Buzz kill?

    • Gabe_Toro

      These are called “human bodies.” They do that sometimes. Touch one when you get a chance.

  • dvdoff

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just log onto “Mr. Skin” if you want to jerk off to naked celebrities?

  • myownhausfrau

    Save your money Wells. I, for one, need something to look forward to in the new year, and your reaction to BOTH PARTS of this epic stunt film will probably be more interesting/amusing than the movie itself.