Jonah, Donnie, Marbled Steaks

On behalf of Wolf of Wall Street costar Jonah Hill, director Bennett Miller (Moneyball, Capote, the forthcoming Foxcatcher) hosted a Saturday screening of Martin Scorsese‘s film and then a dinner at Mastros (246 No. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills). Paramount sponsored the non-press event. Attendees included Anne Hathaway, Brett Ratner, Rebel Wilson, Simon Baker, Walton Goggins, Mickey Rooney, Robert Forster. Hill’s performance as the buck-toothed Donnie Azoff is joyfully diseased — high torque, manic, snap-crackle-pop, etc. The Best Supporting Actor race is Hill vs. Dallas Buyer’s Club‘s Jared Leto vs. Enough Said‘s James Gandolfini.

  • Jeff

    If it comes down to those three, it has to be a post-humous win for Gandolfini right? I mean Hill is in his mid 30s with two nominations with plenty of chances later and Leto has been terrible in more films than I can count on two hands. This is it for the guy who gave the greatest TV performance of all-time.

  • Hollis Mulwray

    Mickey Rooney!?!? 93 and the son of a bitch gets out more than I do. Fucked Ava Gardner too! God Bless Ya Mickster.

    • DukeSavoy

      How’d he get Ava’s coffin open at his age?

  • hupto

    I assume Gandolfini is in the Supporting race because they figure he has no chance as a lead, right? Because in no universe is that not a leading role.