Justin Lin Put To Shame

This low-rent compilation video of Eastern European car crashes is cooler and funnier (I laughed out loud three or four times) than all of the Justin Lin car stunts in all of the Fast and the Furious flicks put together plus Jerry Bruckheimer‘s Gone In 60 Seconds remake. I love this stuff. Nothing beats reality when it comes to car crashes.

  • The Perils of Thinking

    Reasons #3754 through 3783 to never go to Russia.

  • pizan‹ćamore

    “When I was your age we was so poor we couldn’t afford to go to movies. We had to watch reruns of Cops.”

    • http://www.hollywood-elsewhere.com/ Jeffrey Wells

      Nope. Better than. This stuff is better that professional entertainment.

      • pizan‹ćamore


        This is not like TV only better.
        This. Is. Life. It’s a piece of somebody’s life.
        It’s pure and uncut, straight from the Lada Priora dashcam.

  • GnomeDeGuerre

    Jesus. Do you need a license to drive in Russia, or just 2 hrs of Xbox training?

    • Michael

      Say that to the guy Paul Walker was driving with….

    • SmaugAlert

      They seriously make their own lanes in Russia when the traffic is bad. A 3 lane highway turns into a 5 lane highway and everyone kind of sort of adjusts to it until they decide not to.

  • Brian Bouton

    I’d love to to know the events leading up to our esteemed samurai warrior/poet watching low-rent vehicular crash porn.

  • Mark G.