Limited Window

“When I got the material, I didn’t like the character. But by the time we got to shooting, I loved her. She’s a badass who’s making lemonade with no fucking lemons.” — Australian actress Margot Robbie, 23, speaking to Elle about her Wolf of Wall Street character, Nadine. What does that lemonade quote even mean?

Presumably Robbie understands that just being (a) hot and (b) really electric and standout-ish as Leonardo DiCaprio‘s tough, gold-digging wife isn’t enough. She needs to figure out the next thing (whatever that might be), and she has maybe 18 months to do that. Pic taken on the red carpet before last night’s Wolf premiere screening at the Ziegfeld. I’m really sorry I’m not at the WoWS luncheon now underway at the Four Seasons.

  • roland1824

    She’s the Hot Chick in Will Smith’s next piece of junk, so clearly she’s all about the paycheck. She should enjoy her prestige moment for “Wolf” while it lasts.

    • Indeedio

      They call her Margot “Paycheck” Robbie

    • joeybot

      It’s called starting a career. I love “all about the paycheck” stuff, like you work for free in your amazing job doing exactly what you want.

  • Bob Strauss
  • actionman

    supernaturally hot

  • pizan܍amore

    It’s a metaphor.

  • Glenn Kenny

    Jeff, you do understand that when you write things like “I’m really sorry I’m not at the WoWS luncheon now underway at the Four Seasons” you’re just lobbing one over the plate for your tormentors, do you not? I sure hope so. Anyway, I’m gonna let it pass.

    But stop trying to figure out beautiful 23-year-old women who want to be famous. It’s a lost cause to us.

    • pizan܍amore

      He’s just trying to save her from a life in bondage to the Pottersville Public Library, like a good 1946 liberal.

  • Brian Krueger

    Maybe she means that, unlike people who experience bad circumstances (lemons) and turn them into something beneficial (lemonade) her character has experienced no actual hardship yet still gets to reap the benefits that would normally require hardship and hard work?

    • Brian Krueger

      Although I think I’m giving her too much credit. The quote doesn’t really make any sense whatsoever

      • DukeSavoy

        “She’s a badass who’s making lemonade with no fucking lemons.”

        They don’t have lemons in Australia, all lemonade sold there is made with wallaby musk, rangpur rind and brine. Geez, you guys need to get out more.