Logistical Lament

Two Boston critics said today that the decision by Paramount-linked Allied Marketing to screen The Wolf of Wall Street only at the very last minute (i.e., two days ago) led to Martin Scorsese‘s debauched epic not winning in as many as five Boston Society of Film Critics categories. And now New Orleans’ filmmaker Dave DuBos informs that “a female gal pal who votes for the SAG awards…has not received her Wolf screener and guess what? Last day to vote for the SAG awards is Monday. Did Paramount drop the ball here?” We all know that Wolf was finalized only a little more than a week ago, meaning there wasn’t the usual amount of time to prepare screenings and screeners. It’s a shame considering that the film is affecting some viewers (i.e., the more perceptive ones) as phenomenal.

  • JoeS

    As far as the Boston critics go, I’ve also heard that several of the critics haven’t seen any number of the Awards worthy films besides WOLF.

    WHY THE Freakin’ rush?? The Oscars arent’ until almost March.

  • DuluozRedux

    Dude, they almost didn’t even release it this year. Have you no inside knowledge? The suits think the movie sucks. They don’t think it has a shot at the Oscars, and they’re right. It’s overlong, self indulgent, lowest common denominator, eloi, no layers, no subtext, crap.

    Suits knew what they had on their hands if you ask me.