No Extra Scenes on Wolf Bluray?

There was a panel discussion during today’s Wolf of Wall Street luncheon at Manhattan’s Four Seasons, during which Martin Scorsese‘s editor Thelma Schoonmaker said something a tiny bit sad: “There are wonderful things we didn’t put in [the final 179 minute cut]. But Marty doesn’t believe in [doing] Director’s Cuts so you won’t see a four-hour version.” HE friendo Bill McCuddy spoke to costars Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie about the admirable fact that Wolf doesn’t offer any apologetic arias. McCuddy also snapped this pic of Robbie, obviously the second image of the Australian actress appearing today.

Wolf of Wall Street costar Margot Robbie — Wednesday, 12.18, Four Seasons restaurant.

  • Jesse Crall


    Margot looks lethal in that shot. If McCuddy didn’t have a camera in front of his eyes he’d probably be a liquid pool on the floor.

  • roland1824

    No Director’s Cut but maybe you’ll get deleted scenes as separate supplements. There’s a bunch on The Departed blu. So there’s hope. Maybe you need to put out a request in an open letter to Marty.

    • Awardsdaily

      Honestly, she is almost too pretty. You expect her to be a bad actress because of it but she’s great. Totally and completely great.

  • Awardsdaily

    She’s a stunner.

    • Jeffrey Wells

      Born in July 1990. When I started the first version of my online column back in October 1998, she was eight. Jesus.

      • Glenn Kenny

        God, everything’s about you, isn’t it?

        That said, I’d love to see her play a little “Daddy isn’t gonna” game on your ass some time.

    • roland1824

      But is she almost too pretty? To be believable in real roles that is. Is there such a thing? See: Amber Heard.

  • Ray Quick


    (Though was already hot in PAN AM in 2011….)

  • HarryWarden

    Is every Australian girl blonde? Based on the Hollywood ones, you’d assume so.

    • Ray Quick

      Isabel Lucas, RACHAEL TAYLOR POWER (goddess), Teresa Palmer (pre-prego), Yvonne Strahovski, Mia Wasikowska, Anna Torv, Bella Heathcote (brunette but still), ROBBIE POWER…. Australia sounds like the fucking promised land of human perfection. I don’t know if every girl in Australia looks like that, or it’s just that we now get 50% of our actors and actresses from Australia and just get the best of the best. I sure don’t see any blonde white women who look like them in Los Angeles