We’re six days away from Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Yeshua of Nazareth and of certain Christian values (love, charity, compassion for the less fortunate) spoken of in Charles DickensA Christmas Carol, and once again we’ve been reminded what a vile cultural force rightwing Christians have become in this country. For a long time Christianity has been more or less synonymous with the values of ignorant yahoo dumbshits, and this proud tradition is now being doubled-down by rightwing media, people like Sarah Palin and at least one faith-based organization that has been defending the right of Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson to casually spew anti-gay hate speech in a GQ interview. They wouldn’t be talking about the glories of free speech if Robertson had told GQ‘s Drew Magary that he finds rightwing Christianity abhorrent and anathema to the values of genuine Christians. If the spirit and mind of Yeshua could somehow become mortal and return to the planet Earth, he would never stop throwing up. (Tip of the hat to Woody Allen.)

  • qdpsteve

    Says the Roman Polanski/Woody Allen child-rape apologist.

  • MarkVH


  • qdpsteve

    Also Jeff, quit with the “genuine Christians” bullshit. Randall Wallace has never done or said anything more offensive than making movies that make money, and you hate his guts. You’re a bigot who hates Christians. Period.

  • Aaron B

    I’m sick of people crying that boycotting this kind of thing is un-American. It’s Chic-Fil-A all over again. People need to learn that freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to say whatever you want with no repercussions from anyone.

    • qdpsteve

      Boycotts are fine. They’re freedom of speech too. I don’t blame liberals for boycotting CFA (not that they ate there very often to begin with anyway). A boycott of Duck Dynasty would also be fine if that’s what they want. What’s spooky is the corporate censorship that’s going on. (And yes, I’d bring back Alec Baldwin to MSNBC too if that’s what it takes to make things “fair.”)

      • Aaron B

        A company has the right to punish employees who they feel poorly represent them. I have no problem with people signing a petition saying they support said individual in an attempt to show support. It’s when people call this censorship un-American or anti-free-speech that I have to start rolling my eyes.

        If A&E feels like their employee’s remarks hurt them as a company, they have every right to suspend him. Now if it were the GOVERNMENT doing the censoring, we’d have a real issue.

        • Brian Bouton


        • Chad

          You think that his remarks REALLY hurt A&E? C’mon. I’m not saying they can’t do what they want — their “suspension” is 100% valid — but if anyone thinks his remarks to GQ — a completely different entity — hurt A&E in some way, then you’re crazy. Now, if he’d said them ON the show, that’s different. They’d just edit it out, I assume. But that’s why shows run disclaimers in the first place — “that the views represented herein don’t represent the views of A&E” etc… that covers them right there.

      • D.Z.

        And yet conservatives were ok with corporate censorship of anyone who criticized Bush or the Iraq war.

      • Brian Bouton

        I agree that boycotts are fine, and they are equally freedom of speech, but please don’t conflate censorship with a corporation making the choice to pull a personality off the air.

        Removing Alec Baldwin is no form of censorship, it’s a corporate decision of what to put on their airwaves which is their right due to their ownership of the broadcasting license.

        True censorship would be the government removing Alec Baldwin from the airwaves or fining him from saying “fuck” on broadcast television.

  • pizan܍amore

    Oh no. Faith Driven Consumer is on the scene. Run for the hills. Help.

    Your winnings, sir.

  • roland1824

    You misspelled “all religions, all the time, all over the world.”

  • Ray DeRousse

    How can someone be suspended from a reality television show?

    • Brian Bouton

      He’s not allowed to appear on camera in future episodes until the suspension is lifted. I’m not sure it matters because one source says the family is paid as a whole something like $200k and episode.

      • pretto

        A&E can’t fire a guy from his own business though. And how is his suspension going to work anyway? Will his image be redacted? Will his face be blurred and his voice replaced with some “adult voices on Charlie Brown-wah-wah-wah” sound?

        (Actually, I would totally tune in to watch that.)3

        • Brian Bouton

          Now that we’re seeing A&E’s plans, I think you are right and the sanctions are mostly ceremonial to beg off the advocacy groups.

  • Bryce Colquitt