No Hurry

John Goodman‘s druggie jazzman offers a dismissive little riff during the road-trip section of Inside Llewyn Davis. He basically says jazz musicians are more expressive because they play more notes or chords than folk singers. I’ve seen Davis four times and Goodman’s bit didn’t register, but I suddenly cracked up when I heard it last night during…what, my fifth viewing? That’s what Coen brothers humor is sometimes. “Funny” doesn’t kick in like a Jay Leno joke. It needs to percolate.

  • preston122

    I’m reminded of Lou Reed’s often-cited description of rock ’n’ roll guitar:
    “One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.”

  • berg

    I saw a group tonight – THE DEEP DARK WOODS, a Canadian alternative country band from Saskatoon, and they did a cover of “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me” … I was blown away

  • Jesse Crall

    I was laughing my ass off in the theatre but yeah, the Coens’ humor is often a slow burn with a long shelf life. I didn’t think LEBOWSKI was a masterpiece until the 3rd time I saw it. Same with A SERIOUS MAN.

  • pierrot

    Inside LD is solid. I’m surprised when critics prefer Payne’s road movie..

  • thatpj

    Yeah Goodman stole it in that movie. I guess I should feel lucky for getting it the first time? Seeing it in a raucous theater helped.

  • Raygo

    You’ve seen Inside Llewyn Davis 5 times? Obviously you’re avoiding seeing some other films, even though that’s kinda your job, right?

  • Gordon Cameron

    I loved Goodman’s line about ‘playing Jimmy Cracked Corn all day long.’ On the other hand, don’t forget what the great musical mind Emperor Joseph II said in Amadeus: ‘There are only so many notes the ear can hear in an hour.’

  • bastard in a basket

    Im so jealous that Jeff gets those screeners. I loved ILD but of course now I have to wait until it’s on on-demand to get a second viewing.

    Jeff, ever think about doing a separate “talk back” section or forum where your readers can discuss particular movies?; especially considering we usually don’t see these films until month after you see them.