I have a very slight problem with this LAFCA-vote discussion on James Rocchi‘s “The Lunch” podcast. Rocchi’s contributors — LAFCA members Alonso Duralde (The Wrap), Amy Nicholson (L.A. Weekly) and Karina Longworth — are obviously bright and knowledgable, but their observatons are too measured and political. I wanted a snippy, resentful, sour-grapes discussion about why this winner didn’t deserve to win and why that winner did, etc. I wanted the real nitty gritty. I wanted occasional expletives. I wanted undercurrents and hidden agendas exposed.

  • http://www.toplessrobot.com/ Luke Y. Thompson

    There just aren’t many movies that are shockingly undeserving this year. I wasn’t Gravity’s biggest fan, for example, but no way can I say it was badly made. I’m amazed so many people think Her is the best film of the year, but it’s hardly amazing that people like it.

    The only LAFCA vote I really don’t care for at all is Llewyn Davis for soundtrack, but what can you do? Boomers have ridiculous nostalgia for that whole folk scene. Can’t fight it.

    • http://jessecrall.wordpress.com/ Jesse Crall

      Yeah, the LLEWYN DAVIS score was weak, man. The Coen’s need to get out of the misty-eyed I Heart JFK past and kick it 90′s style. Go with the pop-ska scene and end with Gwen Stefani gyrating in some Anaheim sports bar.

    • JoeS

      Not to mention that mixing songs with a genuine backing score is an affront to all the great composers out there (the Boston critics do this, too). A score is a score, and a song is a song. Separate things, voters. Separate things. It would be like awarding a Cinematographer an award for CGI Effects!

      Oh, wait, that’s happening these days too…………………

  • Steven Gaydos

    You’ve become addicted to the “crass discourse drives online traffic” school of film criticism. That punch-swinging bellicosity isn’t required in every instance of dialogue and I’m afraid you’re showing signs of what i call “lack of substance abuse.” Hate to be the “tut tut above all that rot” fellow but well, “tut tut…”

  • SmaugAlert

    Jeff, with all the LAFCA this/LAFCA that talk, can you please explain why you aren’t a member of LAFCA if you truly are a “film critic” living in LA?