Too Old-Looking For College?

Produced by, partially written by and co-starring Jonah Hill, 22 Jump Street opens on 6.13.14. I was down with the tone and shape of 21 Jump Street (except for the generic action ending) so this’ll probably be okay. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are directing again. Hill co-penned the story that Michael Bacall and Oren Uziel’s script is based on.

  • pizan܍amore

    Who knows when this might be updated, but at the moment here’s what the cast list on that Wikipedia page says: 

    • Mr. F.

      Can’t wait! I’m a big fan of toast.

      • pizan܍amore

        I preferred his early work as Bread.

        • Mr. F.

          Though I have to admit, while I most appreciate its rye sense of humor, I found toast’s most recent performance a little overdone.

          • pizan܍amore

            I agree. His work in The Loaf of David Gale laid it on way too thick.

  • Perfect Tommy

    I liked “21 Jump Street” as well (which surprised me), but a good sequel to a comedy is a pretty rare thing.

    • AstralWeeks666

      Anchorman 2 may very well the next film to confirm your point

  • SmaugAlert

    This better have a Richard Grieco cameo in it.

  • D.Z.

    If Rodney Dangerfield can do it…

  • Brian Bouton

    Looks fairly good from the trailer. Love the self awareness in the 22 Jump Street gag.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Absolutely cannot stand the laziness of the title, though…what, increasing the digit by “one” is the only method the studios can come up with for communicating to audiences that this is a sequel? So Tatum and Hill basically just move next door in this movie, I take it?

    “102 Dalmations,” “Ocean’s 12″ and “Ocean’s 13,” this movie, “The Whole 10 Yards”…I mean, Jesus Christ. So contrived. Come up with something else, already.