“Whaddaya Gonna Do, Retire?”

Last night the Aero screened a digitally restored, very slightly expanded version of Michael Mann‘s Thief (’81). Mann showed up for a post-screening q & a. I’m presuming we were shown a DCP. It looked and sounded exquisite. The sound was full and rich and fully audible to the deafest guy in the room. Mighty Joe Young, that Tangerine Dream score. The Bluray streets about a month from now.

  • NephewOfAnarchy

    “You talkin’ to me, or somebody else walk in the room?”

    Weird, they screened this one at the same theater last year for a Q&A with GOD CAAN. Mann was in the audience as well. Bonus Scott Caan sighting too!

    • http://jessecrall.wordpress.com/ Jesse Crall

      Yeah, I made the grueling 10-miles-on-LA-freeways trip for both showings. It’s a helluva movie.

  • JoeS

    You can’t tell if it was 35MM or DCP?

    My simple JoeS digital test:

    Virtually every movie theater has a black border around the movie screen (cloth or black painted wall).

    If the image projected can match the level of blackness of that border – it’s film. Period.

    Digital cannot show true black. Just dark gray.

    Simple test.

    • http://jessecrall.wordpress.com/ Jesse Crall

      It was the premiere of a digital 4K restoration.

      • JoeS

        Therefore, no black. Gray.

    • pizan‹ćamore

      Or as Nigel calls it, the “Smell the Glove” test.

      • JoeS

        No, that is for the Scratch & Sniff edition.

  • BromanBrolanski

    Saw a print at Lincoln Center a couple years ago. They played it louder than any film I’ve ever heard. It was like Tangerine Dream was playing from inside my chest cavity. Spectacular.

  • hupto

    Open question to anybody who was there: how did the IT’S A FRAME-UP! trailer play to a houseful of hardcore Mann fans?

    • http://jessecrall.wordpress.com/ Jesse Crall

      Utter bafflement.

      • hupto

        Hmm. Interesting. Thanks.

  • MarkVH

    What was different about the cut? Anything in particular jump out?

    • http://www.hollywood-elsewhere.com/ Jeffrey Wells

      Very early, right after the first heist, James Caan sits down next to an older black guy who’s fishing in Lske Michigan. Not with a pole but some locally made device. They sit and say a couple of things. “You wanna Danisg?” “Sure.” Passive. Contemplating the lake in the early morning. Absolutely unnecessary to the story — pure atmosphere.

      • http://www.bigscreenclassics.com/ Pete Apruzzese

        Does this have the theatrical version of the final shootout with the slow-motion sequences intact (and not sped up as was done for the “Director’s Cut” LaserDisc and original DVD release)?

        • MarkVH

          I’m curious about this as well.

          • Lou Rawls’ Ego

            Me 2!

      • DuluozRedux

        That’s in the DVD. This gives me pause that it was a director’s cut and will have the fucked up shit in the end shootout.

  • actionman

    Can’t wait for the Thief criterion
    Would have LOVED to have seen Enemy of the State on the big screen again. One of Tony’s best.

  • Joe Leydon

    One of the truly great badass lines of dialogue, spoken by Caan: “I am the last guy in the world that you wanna fuck with.” He’s right.

  • DuluozRedux

    Prosky is a legend in this. Hard to believe it was his first screen role.

    “I’ll put your cunt wife on the street to be fucked in the ass by niggers and Puerto Ricans. Your kid’s mine cause I bought it. You got him on loan. He’s leased. You are renting him.”

    • DuluozRedux

      Would have been nice to see him instead of Lemmon in Glengarry. Prosky originated the role on stage, he would have been perfect for the film as well. Lemmon was good, but Prosky would’ve been 100 times better.

    • Deaf Ears

      You’re almost always wrong, but when you’re right, you’re right.

    • brenkilco

      “I own the paper on your life. ” Whoa. Also love the bit at the end where he’s basically already dead but he’s still trying to kill Caan.

  • Sharpel007

    Any questions about future Criterions? Manhunter and Insider would be great and both of those studios have titles at Criterion.