• pizan‹ćamore

    Scientology? Now that’s just goofy. It’s just an “A” in a triangle.

    It’s obviously a reference to the Arizona Wildcats, which means the Academy prospects for Gravity are excellent.

  • http://www.filmjerk.com/ Edward Havens

    It’s not a Scientology thing. It’s just a lame thing.

  • Mr. F.

    It’s not a “Scientology thing.” It’s the Eye of Providence from our dollar bills. It is a reference to that which is most important to the Academy.

  • DukeSavoy

    It’s a heartfelt expiation from the Academy for not awarding the Oscar to A Clockwork Orange.

  • SlashMC

    This is really reaching. Scientology uses double triangles that interlock. That logo is clearly a curtain parting to reveal the oscar statue. And its certainly not a “golden triangle” in the mathematical sense, but it is a triangle that is gold. (just nitpicking the language there).

  • Brian Bouton

    What would Hubbard say?

    (actual Hubbard quote) “Now you look at this. You look at this, now. The complete idiocy of it. Somebody sits up on Venus — there are probably some other stations around up in the system. This one’s on Venus. I notice that we all believe that Venus has a methane atmosphere and is unlivable. I almost got run down by a freight locomotive the other day — didn’t look very uncivilized to me. I’m allergic to freight locomotives, they’re always running into you.”