• Zach

    I’ll admit – I loved Ted. But this looks like garbage. Here’s hoping they saved the good jokes for the movie.

  • Terry McCarty

    MacFarlane seems to approach this as an unfiltered homage to the Bob Hope/Jane Russell PALEFACE films.

    • Steven Kaye

      Except Bob Hope was likeable and funny and those films were entertaining.

  • lazarus

    I know MacFarlane has a lot of detractors, but that shot of him knocking the bottles off the fence was hilarious. So was “Mila Kunis” spoken as Native American dialect.

    Theron looks fantastic and funny.

    • DuluozRedux

      Shut the fuck up!

  • Brad

    With the Oscars and this film, MacFarlane is clearly looking to transition into a screen performer. The problem is he doesn’t have the physical range for supporting parts (despite his vocal dexterity) and he just isn’t appealing enough for a star.

  • Why do I have such a resistance to MacFarlane branching off into starring roles? He’s not a bad looking guy, he has a good voice, and he understands timing. I dunno. He looks stiff and uncomfortable in spots here. Something’s amiss, but I can’t figure it out.

    • BrianBrightblade

      I think you rightly have resistance because the man has no screen presence whatsoever. I’ll admit his comedy isn’t for me, but the guy does have some modicum of talent—it’s just not as an actor.

  • TimDG

    I like 5/7ths of the cast, but this looks terrible.

  • Dude-O-Reason

    I get it… but isn’t McFarlane’s humor more often than not “too easy” and uninventive? The trailer’s over-reliance on “shock and guffaw” stuff via the overused VIOLENCE! REACTION! EXPLETIVE! jokes feel flat and past their prime.

  • Perfect Tommy

    Charlize Theron has a unique blend of beauty and comic chops. Her dim Brit was great on Arrested Development. She was funny and real in Young Adult. And then, of course, there was her hilarious tour de force in Prometheus.

  • D.Z.

    More importantly, Jeff needs to comment on the Nymphomaniac 2 trailer.

  • MovieSquad

    MacFarlane should’ve resisted casting himself in this. For these jokes to be funny, the viewer has to be able to buy into this world at least to some extent, and his presence makes that impossible.

    • AstralWeeks666

      He should have reigned in his ego and cast Neil Patrick Harris in the lead and he could have taken Harris’s supporting part of the preening prick who nails Amanda Seyfried. MacFarlane has a successful track record playing assholes on his TV shows but playing a likable lead is beyond his reach.

    • BrianBrightblade

      Agreed. I think the best lead for this would have been someone like Jason Bateman, but I would have loved to see Jason Schwartzman. Let’s just be thankful he resisted the urge to give Seth Green a prominent role.

  • D.Z.

    Anyway, Freddy Pharkas already did it, Seth.

    • Michael Gebert

      I’ll never forget when Birth of a Nation came out and D.Z. said Selig-Polyscope already did that


      • D.Z.

        Considering how “similar” Family Guy is to the Simpsons, I wouldn’t be surprised if McFarlane cribbed off FP, too.

  • Mr Bohemian

    Deadwood played for laughs cool.

  • jason

    mcfarland = peter brady vibe. no thanks.

  • snlala