Belfort Kicks Montana’s Ass

This Wolf of Wall Street f-bomb video is a half-decent ADD summary of the film itself. The important comparison, of course, is with the various Scarface compilations. Indiewire/The Playlist‘s Kevin Jagernauth says there are 522 fucks in Wolf; a commenter below the Scarface video claims there are 218 in that 1983 Brian DePalma film; the Wiki list says 207. Wolf is the new all-time champ, but the first runner-up surprises meSpike Lee‘s Son of Sam.

  • criterionstalker

    Lambert to Ash: “You admire it.”

  • mikers
    • The Perils of Thinking

      We live in a magnificent age when lists like these and the accompanying video evidence are obtainable within seconds.

  • Marty Guerre

    ♪ Investment firms, FUCK YEAH! ♫

  • GigglesForGigli

    So, where did they get an un-watermarked copy of the movie to make this from?

    • daveJking

      Ellen Degeneres?

  • Eric

    Ha. It certainly goes over your head after a while. Funny that it beats the record at around the 3 minute mark.

  • EricGilde

    FYI Lee’s film is Summer of Sam, not Son of Sam.