Blatant Appeal To Academy’s Long-of-Tooth

This recently posted Nebraska trailer is the first I’ve noticed that actually lays the theme of Bruce Dern‘s Best Actor campaign on the table, to wit: “Your life can have a vigorous and perhaps even triumphant final act, even if your 70s.”

  • Brad

    Whoa, Squidd is OLDER than Dern? You mean Payne didn’t get Ellen Barkin or Jennifer Jason Leigh or Brook Shields to play his long-time wife? What kind of sick pervert is Payne?

  • Steven Gaydos

    These movies than pander to our common humanity and exiistential truth of our existence drive me crazy. Where’s the aliens?

  • Brian Bouton

    Commercial V/O: “Jesus Christ, Dern is old. Just give him an Oscar, please. Here he is in this scene being old, nearly on the verge of dying. Think about if he’ll ever star in another movie again. These other guys, they’ll have another chance. Christ, here’s another old woman he starred with. Even this Will Forte, he’s 40! Holy shit, he looks 30. We’re all going to die. Give Bruce Dern an award, please.”