Blue Eyes and Belligerence

My first reaction when I read this tweet last night was “thank God we have men of backbone like Ronan Farrow to speak truth to power when the rest of the world is averting its gaze.” Seriously — what a terrible thing that Woody Allen hasn’t been sufficiently villified and condemned for behavior that might have happened…what, 21 or 22 years ago? Lament not — the son of Frank Sinatra is on the case and he doesn’t back down. There’s more than a little touch of Hoboken in Farrow. He might be right, but he also might be a bit of an asshole. Never trust the artist — trust the tale. I trust the morality and the humanity of the movies Allen has made over the last 40-plus years.

  • George Prager

    Ronan and Mia “Dodecamom” Farrow may have a case, but we still don’t know the facts. Their tweeting last night, and the Vanity Fair article that preceded it is like when you switch on Law & Order at the 45 minute mark and see that something fucked up happened but since you didn’t see the first 45 minute, you don’t know who to blame and/or how to react. But the knuckle-draggers on twitter were out in full force last night (“Didn’t Woody Allen marry his daughter?”).

    • Mechanical Shark

      but of course you’re inclined to give Allen the benefit of the doubt because he’s a powerful man and an artist. Goddammit. After reading about Farrow’s side of the story, Allen seems almost as bad as Polanski, and even less repentant.

      • thevisitor967

        And who would want to give the benefit of the doubt to a nutcase like Farrow?

      • George Prager

        Farrow needs to stop being coy and take a DNA test.

  • erniesouchak

    I think I trust “Manhattan,” wherein he was serious about a teenager.

    • criterionstalker

      Tough to not acknowledge that.

  • Bobby Cooper

    Whatever his achievements as a scholar-diplomat-wunderkind, going after his “dad” again and again keeps him on the good side of the approval matrix.

  • Mr. F.

    “I’ve been expressing how appalled I felt by a bizarre offer of forgiveness that the film [PHILOMENA] ends with — a pass given to an obviously reprehensible old-crone nun who has brought considerable anguish into the lives of an elderly Irish mother and her late son.” – November 6, 2013

    ” He might be right, but he also might be a bit of an asshole.” – January 13, 2013

    Honest question: is Farrow right to still be bitter about Woody Allen molesting a family member, especially a child? Or should he just let it go and get over it?

    • I’m not sure, but I’m beginning to suspect that Farrow is a dick.

      • Mr. F.

        Well, the “morality and humanity” of Allen’s movies aside… Farrow apparently has a more personal opinion about what happened to his family than we do. Imagine that.

        • Mark

          He’s within his rights to make his personal opinions public, but his motives are open to criticism given that he’s trying parlay this feud into a public career in TV journalism. (A career, btw, he’s not ready for yet based on his performance on Today so far.)

  • dowhatyoudoyou

    If Woody Allen molested a 7 year old then even he would agree (obviously in secret), this is all karma he deserves. But Farrow is showing the world here he’s a bit unstable when he loses his temper. I wouldn’t hire him.

    • D.Z.

      Seriously. Allen had his day in court and won. Move on. We should be outraged at real travesties of justice like those Fullerton cops who just got off yesterday.

      • Mechanical Shark

        Woody Allen escaped justice because he’s a powerful man, but he absolutely did sexually abuse his step-daughter Dylan, of that I have no doubt. I try not to let that detract from his films, as some of the most depraved, horrible people can produce brilliant art. But maybe he should have gone to jail. Certainly the Globes ought not to have given him that award.

        • D.Z.

          “Woody Allen escaped justice because he’s a powerful man,”

          He’s a powerful man? Yeah, he was really rolling in it like Spielberg and Zemeckis back then.

          “but he absolutely did sexually abuse his step-daughter Dylan, of that I have no doubt.”

          Because kids have never been manipulated into lying on the stand. Oh, wait.

          • Mechanical Shark

            do you know just how many hollywood stars have worked with Allen? How widely admired he is by artists, intellectuals, and even some people that aren’t even really film fans? Look at his Oscar nomination count! How can you argue he isn’t and wasn’t a powerful man?
            And granted, we can’t know, and the kid could have lied, but shouldn’t the benefit of the doubt be with the victim? Only about 7 percent of rape/abuse accusations have been proven false, according to several studies. I know “innocent until proven guilty” is important, and Woody Allen was never convicted, but you and I know that doesn’t mean he didn’t do it, only that it couldn’t be proven.

            • D.Z.

              Stars work for him, because they don’t want to be stuck doing bloated tentpole films the rest of their lives. But in terms of box office clout, Harvey’s pre-Disney Miramax-era indie films were way more successful than Allen’s at the time. As for the victim, she was given the benefit of the doubt in court. But her case was weak, and she lost. That’s all there is to it. I also find it hard to believe that they didn’t have any proof against him after all those years they lived together.

  • DukeSavoy

    Hope this senseless Allen hate doesn’t spread to other blue-eyed Ronans ’cause then Saoirse is prolly next.

  • brenkilco

    Never got the impression that old blue eyes had an ounce of wit. Genetically speaking afraid poor Ronan will have to take the good with the bad.

  • Stewart Klein

    If I were Ronan Farrow I would be careful who I was calling out as a pedophile on unsubstantiated evidence since I had an uncle who is serving a 10 year sentence for molesting children.

    Plus for all the Woody detractors who have been on his case over how he betrayed poor Mia with her ( NOT HIS) stepdaughter, where is the anger over her admitted dalliance with old blue eyes while she was with Woody.

    As far as young blue eyes is concerned, If I were Woody Allen, I would have my lawyers INSIST that Ronan take a DNA test and if he indeed is not Woody’s son I would have my attorneys tell him to Shut the fuck up.

    • criterionstalker

      When Woody went on 60 Minutes to talk about this around 92 he showed off Mia’s very insane violent letters she sent – it didn’t seem like somebody who wanted to protect their children but somebody FURIOUS over her stepdaughter hooking up with her boyfriend (understandable but why would mIa suddenly claim all these horrors AFTER she and Woody broke up?)

      • Mechanical Shark

        She and Woody broke up in part because of those horrors, get your facts straight.

        • criterionstalker

          It just took Soon Yi for Mia to go public? And Mia’s only legal recourse was creepy letters?

          • Mechanical Shark

            well, the media was of course on Allen’s side, the side of the Great Artist Who Can Do No Wrong.

  • Manitobaman

    I see Deadline Hollywood is reporting that still to be future MSNBC host,Ronan Farrow has gone mum and isn’t expanding on his comment.
    It is a good thing Woody Allen tries not to read everything people say about him in print or on the internet.
    Mark Olsen in a Jan. 9, 2014 Los Angeles Times story says Allen is already planning his next film to be shot this time in the U.S.
    He seems to say Allen preserves his sanity by concentrating on work.Olsen’s Allen quote:”You don’t want to read that you’re a genius, you don’t want to read that you have no talent, you don’t want to read how gifted you are or what a lowlife you are. The best thing to do is just work.”

    • Bobby Cooper

      Bingo. This is his narrative as another quasi-celebrity, credentialed-analyst talking head and this is him trying to own it before launch.

  • Noiresque

    So was Mia flying to Vegas to boff Frank on her days off when filming Another Woman?

    When celebrities take their family problems public its not unlike the unsavouriness of hearing your neighbours fight, and being unable to escape the noise.

  • Perfect Tommy

    I think I get it now. If the nuns of Philomena had gone out and made a few great films, they would then be worthy of forgiveness.

  • MichaelStrangeways

    Considering a judge threw out those molestation charges decades ago, then should probably move on and quit beating that dead horse. Yeah, Allen was a cretin for hooking up with Mia’s adopted kid and the entire affair was awful but…it’s done.

    And, the whole coy “Ronan could be Sinatra’s kid” thing is also tacky.

    • “Could be”? Look at his face, his features, his eyes.

      • MichaelStrangeways

        As other people have pointed out on other websites, he looks more like a Farrow than a Sinatra. John Farrow.

        • He obviously looks like a Farrow and a Sinatra combined. BOINNGG!!

          • MichaelStrangeways

            Roman Castavet: He has his Father’s eyes!

            Rosemary Woodhouse: B-Bu-But Guy’s eyes are NORMAL!!!!???!!!

            Roman: SATAN IS HIS FATHER, ROSEMARY!!!!! (BOOHAAHAH!!!)

          • Vinci_Smetana

            Isn’t “BOINNGG!!” what created this whole situation?

        • Noiresque

          I think he looks precisely like a Mia/Woody fusion. He has his mother’s eyes! Ronan had to get his brains from somewhere. Mia is no dummy, but Frankie? Ronan even talks like a Woody Allen character.

  • MichaelStrangeways

    And, if they’re so bloody keen to distance themselves from Allen or his paternity, then why not take a damn DNA test?

    Again, Woody Allen’s actions with Soon-Yi were deplorable but the Farrow’s have been the ones on the vendetta trail for decades now. It’s pretty much the only career Mia has left…and it all seems to heat up whenever there’s a career opportunity for Ronan. She’s apparently putting all her eggs in the “Let’s Help Ronan Have A Media Career” basket. But, replaying this old scandal over and over is a stupid way to go about it. And, how healthy is it for the daughter who was supposedly molested? They’re all gonna have the final say anyway because you know about a week after Woody Allen dies, some book publisher is gonna announce a book deal from the Farrows…

  • RoscoepColetrane

    I wsh to God Ms. Preven would give an interview and explain this relationship. Honestly I think Woody is an absolute scumbag but there’s no proof a crime was committed. A DA would have loved to put Woody away back then, the evidence wasn’t there. Also there is the issue that he’s been with her for what 20 yeas now? By all gossip rag accounts of the relationship she runs shit. Bottom line Woody is a scumbag but how does she think it makes her daughter feels when she keeps drudging this shit back up? At this point she’s not helping anyone, she’s just trying to hurt WOody at the expensive of others

    • Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb

      Why does she owe you an explanation of her personal life?

  • Correcting Jeff


  • George Prager
    • brenkilco

      Yo, Adrian!

  • D.Z.

    I love the hypocrisy. Some washed-up hag tries to take down a prominent director for publicity, fails, and he gets acquitted. But he’s still “guilty”, anyway, in the eyes of the public. Meanwhile, a different director 15 years earlier copped to drugging and raping an underage girl, runs off, and yet he’s really “the victim”, because the judge was mean to him.

    What’s with the double standard? Is it just because Allen suddenly started becoming successful the moment Rapist Polanski fled the country? That the Best Director and Best Picture Oscars would’ve gone to Roman 25 years sooner, if he wasn’t a criminal? And that Allen was just an “upstart”? Is that it?

    • moviewatcher

      Well, there’s the thing where the details with Polanski are pretty clear. With Allen they’re still pretty sketchy and inconclusive. And yes, Polanski fleeing the country is pretty damning evidence in the eyes of the public. Allen kept making films in New York for another 15 years, before money drove him to London.

    • Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb

      There’s no double-standard for Jeff: As long as you make movies that he likes (“I trust the morality and the humanity of the movies Allen has made”), you COULDN’T have done it.

      • D.Z.

        If it were just Jeff, that’d be one thing. But it seems to be the general groupthink among cinephiles.

  • Magga

    All I know is I’m not religious or Christ-like enough to take the punishment of others upon myself, which is what it would be to stop enjoying his filmography or whatever

  • Brian Bouton

    I was molested as a child, but if that person went on to make several good films, I guess I would have to forgive him since Wells has taught me to never trust the pedophi—artist but trust the tale.

  • Mechanical Shark

    For all I’ve been harping on this here, I doubt it’ll make me stop watching Allen films. Because I have an ability to distance a piece of art from its creators. Tom Cruise and John Travolta belong to an insane cult, but that doesn’t stop me from admiring their work. We have to call out these figures, though, the abusers, the cultists, the racists, the misogynists. That’s the only way things will get better, if shame is effectively applied to them in public, if their dirty deeds and words are brought into the light. I’m not some sort of cretin oppressing a genius artist, but some things are more important than art.

  • Mr. F.