Box At The Doorstep

An “ironic” American Hustle gold chain and pendant arrived today along with a soundtrack CD. A harmless little promotional nudge…fine. But what are you supposed to do with it? Certainly not wear it. Even in an ironic context ugly bling is ugly bling. There hasn’t been a lot of swag this season. Or at least none that I’ve been the recipient of. Where are the plastic bottles containing 25 or 30 fake Lemmon 714s from Paramount? That would be awesome. A great party item. Not that I want this stuff in my life. But whatever arrives, you want it to either (a) edible or (b) of some practical use or (c) aesthetically agreeable. Or a comination of all three.

  • Vinci_Smetana

    I love the art direction of the photo. Is that the end of a line of coke on the right? If you don’t want the pendant, I’ll take it.

    • I’ll take the rest of the coke if nobody else is interested.

  • lazarus

    Is that supposed to be an old television or radio? What does that have to do with anything in the film?

    • Vinci_Smetana

      Maybe it’s a microwave. lol

  • scooterzz

    it’s a microwave…the words ‘science oven’ are the logo…

  • Michael Gebert

    90% of recipients will, I’m sure, hang it up in their cubicle.

  • Christopher A. Otto

    And yet, boom, the pendant served its purpose, because you just wrote about American Hustle. …. Glorify the righteous swag & Ignore the stupid swag, and maybe it won’t be repeated by PR stuntmen.

  • TheHey

    I’ll take it. Send it to me or put it on eBay. I love that kind of swag. I still have a bottle of “Hair Gel” that Fox sent out for There’s Something About Mary.