Last-Minute Redford Whispers

The most recent assessment of Robert Redford‘s chances in the Best Actor Oscar race has been “forget it…he refused to campaign, too proud to get out there and hustle, might not even be nominated,” etc. And he might not be. But earlier today award-season handicappers told me they’ve picked up insect antennae vibrations telling them that tomorrow night Redford might actually win the Golden Globe for Best Actor, Drama. Because…I don’t know why. Because the star-struck HFPA voters are more attracted to the idea of Redford, the ultimate glamorous movie-star of the ’70s and ’80s, being crowned on their stage than the Texas-accented, hard-charging, presumed-to-be-in-the-lead-as-we-speak Matthew McConaughey? Or…I don’t know, because Redford is more glammy than Bruce Dern? One thing you can probably count on: Unlike Dern, Redford will almost certainly not wear orthopedic comfort shoes to the Globes.

  • cyanic

    Ejiofor is as competitive as anyone else.

    • Ejiofor nailed it like a champ, but my insect vibrations are telling me the award is McConaughey’s or Redford’s as far as the HFPA is concerned.

      • Steven Gaydos

        Here’s even less science: I thought this was a Dern vs Redford Oscar race until Palm Springs Fest last weekend. Now I think it’s McConaughey’s to lose. But I still don’t know if Dallas has Best Pic nom. We’ll know in a few days .

        • Pete Miesel

          Do you think his HBO series knocking everyone flat will push him over the top ? Say what you will, this is a reinvention that puts Affleck’s to shame .

  • Brad

    “award-season handicappers told me …”

    ” Because…I don’t know why”

    “Or…I don’t know, because Redford is more glammy thanBruce Dern?”

    “Redford will almost certainly not wear orthopedic comfort shoes to the Globes”

    And some people don’t respect the craft of Oscar blogging.

    • What will you say is Redford wins? Would you like me to tell you what you’ll say? Nothing. You’re not going to say a fucking thing.

      What do you want? I simply wrote that I’m hearing and sensing a certain late-breaking aroma in the air, a feeling of tingly dandelion pollen that may indicate a Redford win. Maybe. You find that irksome? You’d rather I keep silent?

      What do you want, a 2500-word investigative article about the likely preferences of of HFPA voters, based on several days of exhaustive reporting and sifting through their garbage cans and hacking their emails a la Rupert Murdoch? I run with the wind and post stuff every day, some of it conviction, some of it hunch, some of it will of the wisp.

      • Brad

        “Hearing and sensing”? “Late-breaking aroma”? “A feeling of tingly dandelion pollen”? “I run with the wind and post stuff every day, some of it conviction, some of it hunch, some of it will of the wisp, some of it blinding in its boldness”?

        Yeah, I guess doing some basic research beyond “a feeling of tingly dandelion pollen” IS THE EXACT SAME THING as hacking email addresses. The fact that you equate simple work with backing tells me either (a) you know your job is bullshit (b) your job isn’t bullshit but you’re doing a lazy job of it.

        • cinefan35

          This reminds of last year when Wells “sensed” that SLP would sneak in at the last minute and take the Best Picture Oscar. How did that turn out?

          • Brad

            Jeff puts the same level of critical thinking and due diligence into his predictions as the groundhog.

      • Brian Bouton

        Trying to decide between Tingly Dandelion Pollen or Last-Minute Redford Whispers as our new band name.

  • brenkilco

    There’s only so much you can do to get Wells off his obsessions before you’re forced to acknowledge da feet.

    • Brad

      At least LexG is talking about actresses feet. What heterosexual guy obsesses about other men’s feet?

      • hupto

        He’s not obsessing about feet; he’s obsessing about shoes…which, now that I think of it, is actually worse.

        • Noiresque

          Considering those curiously shaped yellow high-tops he sported, I take all Wellsian male fashionisto advice with a grain of salt.

  • Steven Gaydos

    The word is that McConaughey has this locked as he promised if he wins he’ll be wearing Gucci loafers. And a thong.

    • AstralWeeks666

      And nothing else I hope.