Ron Howard’s Splash

That kicker riff right after Leo’s final howl says to the viewer “get it?” If you ask me Paramount’s marketing team is basically saying “we’re not afraid of the Academy’s Hope Holiday voters…we’re not trying to mollify or soft-peddle the content of The Wolf of Wall Street…our movie owns the crazy…the water in the face is but one aspect or manifestation of this year’s ‘I drink your milkshake!’ marketing campaign for an edgy film. We are what we are, Marty’s movie is what it is and yes, Jordan Belfort‘s life really was this manic and insane but it’s still a metaphor, man…either you get it or you don’t.”

  • Marty Guerre

    I don’t think it says “Get it?” I think it says, “Fuck yeah!”

    But same difference.

  • thecange

    I got it. I got that “Jordan Belfort is not, in the end, very interesting. Neither is the movie” Got a renewed subscription to the New Yorker too.

  • GigglesForGigli

    Wells, I think you are on to something here…

    Margot Robbie should play the mermaid in a remake of Splash. That would be perfect.

  • bill weber

    The life of a larcenous financier cannot be a fucking metaphor for larcenous finance.

    • GigglesForGigli

      It’s useless to try to explain the proper use of metaphor to JW.

  • brenkilco

    This is the only scene from the movie I’ve seen. It’s like an energetic, semi improvised actors’ exercise. And it’s not all that funny. What am I missing?

    • With your attitude, you should stay home.

    • thecange

      I’m missing it too. But I don’t feel so bad as some smart people, New Yorker’s David Denby, EW’s Mark Harris, et al missed it. Went right on over us!

  • D.Z.

    Why is Leo’s character dating Scarlett Johansson, Jr.?

  • Brian Bouton

    Margot Robbie really deserves more credit for her acting in this film than just her model-perfect looks. This scene would really fall apart without her energy and anger. God, that voice. I just love how that awful Jersey accent is like spray paint across what is the physical masterpiece of her face and body.