Most Engaging Shelton Pic Ever?

I wasn’t expecting that much from Lynn Shelton‘s Laggies. I was actually a bit fearful before tonight’s Eccles screening. Having more or less hated Touchy Feely, I thought she might be on a downturn. But surprise — Laggies is the best Shelton pic since Humpday (’09), and that was essentially a bromance. Laggies is a Keira Knightley movie aimed at women and couples, but I swear to God Shelton and screenwriter Andrea Siegel get it right. The only problem is that Knightley’s character lies her teeth off in almost every scene or something like 80% of the film. She doesn’t lie emotionally or behaviorally in our eyes but she’s almost constantly fibbing to…you know what? This needs a more thorough explanation and I cant tap one out in the back of a moving cab.

  • Noiresque

    What does “laggies” mean? It sounds like some Scottish idiom I am completely unaware of. On a unrelatedly shallow note, Lynn Shelton is stunning, which is all the more impressive when she shares a stage with Keira Knightley.

    • Kano’s_Razor

      No, Noiresque, they will NOT spread their Laggies for you!


  • Perfect Tommy

    Tom Phoolery asks: “What about Bull Durham?”

    • Kano’s_Razor

      I feel like a Siegel/Shelton collab. would be highlighted and dog-eared by LexG in a well-worn summer ’83 preview edition of Modern Screen.

  • Kano’s_Razor

    Thom Phoolery says…

    Very much looking forward to this documentary on mid-’90s online FPS.

    “Come get some!”

  • Awardsdaily

    Women filmmakers should stop making relationship movies.

  • K. Bowen

    The whole time watching the Jack Ryan movie, I was thinking, what happened to Keira Knightley?