Sincere Gratitude

Every day 25% to 35% of HE comments are smart, witty, thoughtful, etc. If there’s a dispute or a rant of some kind the authors try to express it clearly and concisely. If there’s some kind of dry, satirical thrust to an article or riff I’ve written, these people will usually get this and acknowledge same by kicking the humor around or turning the tables in some other direction. Okay, maybe 40% of responders respond this way on a good day. But over half of HE responders, I’ve noticed, tend to ignore or dismiss pretty much everything I write. Their agenda is the same no matter what — dismissals, low-rent snark, bad jokes, scolding acid baths, hellfire-and-brimstone sermons, spray piss, therapeutic counseling and other ways of taking rhetorical dumps. Pure kneejerk. I’m just taking a moment to offer sincere thanks to the minority that engages with intelligence and perception and a semblance of respect. What I do is hard to define but I know it’s not the usual usual. Blunt replies, fine. Shoot from the hip, go to town. Harshly phrased arguments, okay. But not every single thing is a fucking joke. Seriously — without sincere responders writing this daily column would be awful. Your voices are heard daily and very much appreciated.

  • LeSamourai

    Nice note, Jeff – I am going to include myself in the 40%, by the way.
    Say – have you seen “Lone Survivor”? I know you respect Bill Simmons’ take on movies, and in his column today he referred to it as “the most extraordinary war movie since ‘Saving Private Ryan'”. I mean, I just can’t believe that such a thing could be true. From the guy who directed “Hancock”??

    • Yes, Jeff’s response was pretty rapturous and he included LONE SURVIVOR in his H-E FYC posts.

  • Thom Phoolery

    Your welcome.

  • Sumo-Pop

    Thanks, Jeff. I’m quite sure you are speaking of me in the positive. I’m in the 80% of those that hold that perception.

  • Sheldon Sturges

    I just figure that the snarky peeps are boobs and ignore ’em.

  • Lou Rawls’ Ego

    “If knowledge and foresight are too penetrating and deep, unify them with ease and sincerity.”

  • Correcting Jeff

    You’re welcome.

    Dammit, Phoolery beat me to the punch. Why is every single thing a fucking joke around here??

  • qdpsteve

    I’d say you’re welcome, but I’m probably #1 these days on the WUAC (Wells Un-American Conservative) enemies list.

  • Rock on, Wells.

    *lifts leg*

  • Perfect Tommy

    I like to think of myself as part of the one percent.

  • Michael Gebert

    If you’re not both of those personas on H-E, you’re not doing it right.

  • Jeff

    For what its worth, at this point in time its definitely been Jeff Wells and Bill Simmons as the two web pop culture writers I have been following the longest and probably by a significant margin. Congrats sir and thank you.

  • cyanic

    I don’t post here to insult you but I don’t necessarily see myself in the witty category of posters. I can’t keep up with what they do or you when you’re on. However I’m comfortable in my only little niche as the odd man out.

  • Timmo

    “Spray piss” might be the funniest thing you’ve written. Perfect description.

  • berg

    Slavoj Žižek leads us through the wilderness of thought while viewing culture from a slightly skewed political or religious prism. Sophie Fiennes, sister of Ralph, directs. ….

    The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

  • Marty Guerre

    Yeah, those guys rock.

  • Max Stephens

    “Knock off this nuts and dumb stuff. You’re not talking to
    some punk.”—Vince Edwards to Joseph Mell, City
    of Fear

    • AstralWeeks666

      I got to say this is one the few websites that I visit almost every day and that’s down to Jeff’s writing and attitude. So congrats on shooting from the hip for almost a decade Jeff and as my Dad always says “fuck the begrudgers”.

  • Brian Bouton

    “I have here in my hand a list of 205 [HE Commenters] . . . a list of names that were made known to [me] as being members of the Piss-Sprayers and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy [in the Forums of Hollywood Elsewhere. . . .”—Senator Joseph McCarthy, 1956, First Hollywood Elsewhere Commenter Purge