• Mr. F.

    Can’t decide if it’s more bewildering or amusing that Armond keeps using the word “respect” throughout that clip.

  • Steven Gaydos

    IMHO: White is correct in many of his views on the state of film criticism. NYFCC was correct in the action they took.

    • Mr. F.

      But White has a soapbox. He has an outlet, a means to publicize his opinions. If he really wants people to consider what he’s saying, he should write passionately — but also logically and thoughtfully — in support of his views. He might have (or think he has) the passion, but he lacks everything else.

      If he thinks film critics are too sycophantic toward Hollywood, he shouldn’t have attended the NYFC awards. In fact, he shouldn’t have been in the organization in the first place.

      If he thinks film critics don’t get enough respect, he shouldn’t have shown the same lack of respect to an award winner, even if he didn’t like their movie.

      The bottom line: if he wants people to agree with him, he should CONVINCE them rather than trying to be the loudest and/or most obnoxious voice in the room.

  • Aaron Paul’s Tuxedo

    So the behavior is perfectly acceptable.

    But he didn’t do it.

    And it’s no worse than Clooney making a joke about a critic from the stage.

    Which is not acceptable, and we shouldn’t permit it.

    Because making a joke from the stage and heckling are basically the same act.

    And Hollywood hurts critics’ feelings.

    He is the only free critic on this train!

    • Glenn Kenny

      Got out of the boat, and wow. A really unhinged person up against a rather slow-on-the-uptake person. Not pretty.

      • Steven Gaydos

        They will be opening for Insane Clown Posse.

      • Aaron Paul’s Tuxedo

        I think the question we’re all wondering now is: when will Clooney be apologizing to White for this incident?

  • George Prager

    If he did this at, say a Orthodontist’s Convention, he’d be out on his ass in a second.

  • Zach

    So… Andy Kaufman faked his death, got the Tropic Thunder surgery, and now he’s just messing with us, right?