Blanchett At The After-Party

I was invited to attend the after-party following last night’s Cate Blanchett‘s tribute at the Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival. Naturally I felt it was fair and necessary to ask her about Dylan Farrow’s letter, published yesterday afternoon by N.Y. Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, accusing Woody Allen of having molested her at age 7. There’s obviously no connection between a 20 year-old family trauma and a recent creative collaboration, but the director-writer of Blue Jasmine and obviously the one most responsible for Blanchett’s Best Actress accolades (including a very real chance that she might win the Best Actress Oscar) was and is under intense fire. With The Hollywood Reporter‘s Scott Feinberg and Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone suggesting that Farrow’s letter could (however idiotically) work against Blanchett’s Oscar chances, I asked if she had a reaction. I tweeted her response a few minutes later. The Hollywood Reporter‘s Gregg Kilday ran a piece about her quote around midnight.

I thought it was semi-significant that Blanchett didn’t mention Allen in her thank-you remarks at the end of the SBIFF event. She discussed working with Allen in her q & a with Pete Hammond, but she only mentioned her Blue Jasmine costars when she stood at the lecturn. I would have played it the same way.

  • Awardsdaily

    She is a kind woman to offer such a comment. Baldwin deflected:

    My question re: Oscar has to do with whether or not voters will feel complicit too — or anyone who has thus far awarded Blue Jasmine, that means the WGA, the Golden Globes, and now, the Oscars. Are we complicit? It seems that she’s putting the accusation out there for everyone, not just those directly involved, but those who have forgotten all of these years and awarded Woody Allen along the way.

    • Michael

      Do you even realize how full of shit you are?

      • I’m not getting where you coming from, but my first reaction is that YOU, sir, are some kind of asshole.

  • JoeS

    It would be a shame if Blanchett were caught in the crossfire and lost this award. Especially after the broadside by Streep on Disney that may have harmed Thompson’s chances.

    These character assassinations make the ALONG song tactics look mighty petty in comparison, no??

  • Sumo-Pop

    What the hell else can she do? By the way, she looks amazing.

  • GigglesForGigli

    If you think it is idiotic that this would work against her, why do you insist on perpetuating the idea and ginning up the noise around it?

    • criterionstalker

      At heart Wells is a gossip columnist

    • The linkage is out there. I don’t hide my head in the sand when a current or a thought or a mood is in the air. I get right on it. No harm in that.

      • criterionstalker

        That’s one elevated way of saying, “I’m a lemming.”

  • In the eyes of the law, Woody Allen is an innocent man. To treat him as guilty and turn him into a social leper isn’t fair. Which isn’t to saw Dylan’s wrong; but with the facts available to the public, Allen deserves any opportunity afforded the rest of us.

    • Correcting Jeff

      “In the eyes of the law, Woody Allen is an innocent man.”

      So is O.J. Simpson. Just sayin’.

      • Eh, Woody wasn’t even charged. You could look at the facts of the OJ case and go, innocent or not, there’s a problem and his subsequent actions only pointed further to his guilt. Not the case with Allen.

      • JoeS

        And, OJ was convicted in Civil Court. Plus, let’s face it, he was way overcharged in Vegas as a sort of F##K YOU! by the attorneys and the jury.

  • George Prager


    Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in New York City apartment

    • GigglesForGigli


    • Michael

      Wow…shocking…but, but, but the real question of importance is how that affect “Her”s Oscar chances, considering that Joaquin Phoenix and PSH once worker together…

      • Do you even realize how full of shit you are?

        • Michael

          Darling, look up sarcasm in the dictionary….