Aronofsky Geeks in Mexico

Paramount has flown a group of devoted Darren Aronofsky acolytes (First Showing‘s Alex Billington, Badass Digest‘s Devin Faraci, Slashfilm‘s Peter Sciretta, etc.) down to Mexico City for tonight’s world premiere of Noah. Now, it may be that Noah is a grade-A Aronofsky experience (I’m expecting a good effort, being a longtime Darren fan myself), but if it’s not…well, we’ll see. They’re down there because Paramount figured they’d be reliably supportive and perhaps even good-buzz spreaders, just as Fox Searchlight flew me to Berlin with the knowledge that I’m a Wes Anderson devotee. I’ve been told by a Paramount publicist that the studio won’t be showing Noah for yours truly until the Los Angeles all-media on 3.26 (i.e., two days before it opens commercially) but it’s opening in Mexico on 3.21 so I’ll just drive down to Tijuana and review it from there.

Paramount publicist Tamar Tiefeld and friends-of-Aronofsky Peter Sciretta (far left) and Devin Faraci (far right) visiting Teotihuacan pyramids outside Mexico City a day ago. (Pic from Tamar Tiefeld’s Facebook page.)

Tiefeld and the boys enjoying Mexican grub…drink up, boys! The Margaritas are on Paramount!

Latin American opening dates for Noah
  • MoodPatrol


    • No, this is fine. Fox Searchlight accepted me as a trustworthy, good-enough guy when they flew me to Berlin for the Anderson/Budapest thing, but Paramount…well, obviously they’ve decided that I’m not hardcore enough as far as my Darren loyalties are concerned, and have decided that they’re more comfortable with these guys in Mexico City than they are with me. I can handle that. No worries. I’m actually looking forward to seeing Noah in Mexico on 3.21, as they won’t be showing it to people like me in Los Angeles until 3.26.

      • AnnaZed

        You are nothing if not a man who takes his job seriously. I would drive down there too if were my job. That five days will make a lot of difference for this movie.

  • JBM…

    The batteries in the neckbeard alarm need changing.

  • DimitriL

    Nope. Devin tweeted that some of the people there were definitely NOT zipping along with Noah’s dark turns.

    • Yeah, I’ve read Devin’s tweets. Adjusting the copy.

  • I’m confused. Is this a paid for by Paramount thing or what.

    • Yes, of course it is. Whaddaya think, Paramount invited them to attend but only if they make it down to Mexico City on their own dime?

  • Kano’s_Razor

    And weighing in at a combined ____ pounds…

    Is it totally wrong of me to glance at that pyramid photo, and be kinda okay if a Ruins situation were to develop?

  • K. Bowen

    Aronofsky is a talented filmmaker, but he seems like a guy who gets into trouble when given too much leash. We’ll see, though.

    • donkaye

      And when exactly has that happened?

    • D.Z.

      He’s only talented when he’s remaking other people’s movies and taking credit for them. See also: Quentin Tarantino.

  • Ray Quick

    Can you even IMAGINE being an artist who actually CREATES for a living and having to spend even a NANOSECOND OF YOUR LIFE with bottom-feeders who WRITE ABOUT FILM? Be like supermodels having to humor the guys who jack off to them in a total HATEFUL RAGE that they’ll never fuck them.

    • Kano’s_Razor

      Pssst, they’re called “photographers”…

      • Glenn Kenny

        Sciretta in photo #2: “Must…not…stare…at publicist…”

        • K. Bowen

          Does anyone want to take a stab at writing a caption for the attractive redhead having to tote these guys around town?

    • I’m sure at least SOME supermodels wouldn’t mind hanging out with you. The sense of humor goes a long way, apparently.

    • joeybot

      What a great pic…it’s like gee, which one isn’t an internet blogger?

  • bisto

    Nice maracas.

    • DuluozRedux

      Sciretta’s sporting at least a C cup there.

  • K. Bowen

    You’re hungry, you’re in Mexico City, and you end eating at …. The Mexican food equivalent of Chili’s?

  • Eloi Wrath

    I love how Wells linked to the publicist’s Facebook page. Scoping out a potential future friendo?

  • D.Z.

    Can they fly them to Japan next, to see the Satoshi Kon family/estate having to turn his legacy into a yard sale-because they got screwed out of royalties?

    • joeybot

      Can someone fly YOU to Japan and sink you in a mudhole?