HE Has Delpy’s Back

Oscar nominee Julie Delpy (Before Midnight) has been quoted by France’s So Film magazine as saying something that everybody knows and is talking about, to wit: the voting tendencies of the Academy’s deadwood branch are killing its reputation. Do Academy officials honestly believe that today’s 25 year-olds are going to be as enamored of the Oscars in 10, 20 or 30 years as a healthy percentage of Boomers and GenXers are today? My sons are 25 and 24 and believe me, the Academy’s glory days are numbered if it doesn’t wake up. I’ve been caught up in the Academy mystique since I was a kid, but those who think the Academy is some kind of eternally cherished thought in the mind of the Gods is kidding themselves. The Academy has to “weight” the deadwood vote (i.e. those who haven’t worked in 20 or more years) and favor the votes of those who are still working and plugging away. And members under 50 have to number more than 14% of the Academy, which is what that L.A. Times survey reported a couple of years ago.

  • Michael Gebert

    Seriously dude, the Academy’s last glory days were numbered things like 1974 and 1977.

  • SeanG

    So you want to change the rules to get the results you want? How very Republican of you.

  • BrianBrightblade

    Jeff, will you ever see the Lego movie? Honestly, it’s the best and most affecting movie I’ve seen in months. Also, it’s the most subversive bit of children’s entertainment since…hell, I can’t think of anything.

    I’m guessing you’ll never deign to see it thinking it’s the exact opposite of what they’ve actually accomplished. Don’t be fooled by the trailer. They’ve smartly hidden their true aims behind what appears to be a simple-minded tale of learning to be yourself and all the bullshit you find in weaker animated efforts.

    • GigglesForGigli

      Hasn’t Jeff recounted on here numerous times that he can’t stand anything that’s animated? I don’t think the quality matters to him.

  • dowhatyoudoyou

    Wishing the Academy would not reflect the views of the Academy is being anti-Academy.

    Just say it, man: “Fuck the Academy. Fuck the Awards. Fuck this stupid career of mine that forces me to care about it.”

    • You’re so incredibly stupid I can barely breath. Your stupidity is sucking the air out of the room. Consider what Astral Weeks666 has said, and my response.

      • dowhatyoudoyou

        You Oscar bloggers are all Llewyn Davis. And tonight’s the night the cat runs out the door.

        • GigglesForGigli

          Llewyn Davis is this year’s true Best Pic. Not even nominated.

          • Deaf Ears

            I don’t know about “Best” – I still have to see HER and THE ACT OF KILLING, which have both been fervently recommended to me – but it was a damn sight better than AMERICAN HUSTLE, GRAVITY, or NEBRASKA.

  • AstralWeeks666

    The one thing that the Oscars are good for are the Oscar bait films that are made in the hope of winning them. Imagine if there were no awards that spurred people to aim for something higher than mere box office takings. We’d possibly be left with a film industry that made inane blockbusters and nothing else.

    • That’s correct. That’s precisely why award season is worth all the toil and trouble.

    • dowhatyoudoyou

      So The Beatles wouldn’t exist without the Grammys?

    • GigglesForGigli

      Doubtful. Would high quality restaurants cease to exist if Michelin stopped handing out stars?

      Has being nominated truly helped the grosses of any of this year’s crop of Best Pics? It seems like most of the grosses were already made pre-nomination. If there is a market for non-blockbuster movies, it will be served.

  • I love how she has no fucks to give.

    • Thom Phoolery

      She has a son so she did give a fuck once.

  • Pete Miesel

    Here’s the thing, do you necessarily know that the weird voting patterns if the Academy since the Slumdog/No Country days can be definitively placed at the feet of the older voters. Did the geezers really have that kind of allegiance to Ben Affleck?

    Delpy isn’t wrong about how easily swayed voters are, but I think the “deadweight” thesis is too pat.

  • criterionstalker

    Anybody having her back would immediately cease and desist all oscar masturbation.

    • That’s bullshit too.

    • dowhatyoudoyou

      Exactly. She’s admitting it’s all a racket. And so are her defenders.

  • I love these bold and incisive comments. Belittling Delpy, calling her statement irrelevant or old-hat, questioning the statistically irrefutable, thuddingly obvious assessment of the Academy’s old-fart voting tendencies, and not a single person saying “good for Julie for saying what everyone in the industry knows but doesn’t want to say because making waves never helps ,” etc.

    • criterionstalker

      No, just pointing out that if the oscars are fundamentally bankrupt – why insist they be what they never were? That’s the definition of insanity.

    • dowhatyoudoyou

      You’re saying the Academy system of selection is bullshit. She’s saying the Academy is bullshit.

  • thevofl

    To bring the Oscars into THIS century, I suggest a number of changes:

    1) Initial membership goes for 15 years, renewable every 7. This way it ensures the members are still active. I can hardly imagine someone who earned their membership in Cinematography or Visual Effects in the 70s know about today’s technology and techniques.

    2) Keep the expanded Best Picture selection at 10 films. But, instead of doing the preferential ballot which tends to benefit films that are generally liked but not loved, and instead of doing the weighted ballot (top voter gets it even though it might be #1 on only 11% of the ballots) which benefit those passionate films that select members love, balance it out with a preferential ballot of ranked top 3 choices. Any ranking below 3 is ignored.

    3) Release the results, even if it is 50 years after the awards were handed out. People will understand the process better.

    4) Allow for more diverse members. Hopefully Miss Nyong’o gets an invite this year.

    There are others, but I can’t think of them now.

    • Michael Gebert

      One more change: you get to be the one who calls up Gene Hackman or Jack Nicholson and tells him no one gives a shit about his vote any more.

      • m_00_m

        Can’t say for Nicholson, but for Hackman it’s easy. Just four words, in fact: “Welcome to Mooseport, bitch.” Because if you’re going to make that the last movie you make, you’ve ceased to give a shit a long time ago.

        • Michael Gebert

          I’m putting you in charge of the In Memoriam montage, Mr. Heritage.

          • m_00_m

            It’s an honor just to be nominated for this position.

            • Michael Gebert

              BTW, Hackman had a great quote in a recent article when asked if he’d ever make another movie: “Maybe if they shoot it at my house.” I’d take him up on that… like that thing Alec Guinness did one scene in years after he retired.

              • m_00_m

                Yeah, that was “Mute Witness”. I’d gladly contribute to a Kickstarter for Hackman to follow Guinness’ lead, filming a single scene in the back of a limo for a good genre movie to close out his career.

  • How can its reputation be harmed by living up to its reputation?

    Here’s an idea…..instead of waiting thirty years to ask someone who is now 25 what they think of the Oscars in 2044, ask an 85 year old today what they thought of Terms of Endearment. The Academy was off the hook back then!

  • qdpsteve

    Alls I knows is, I don’t care if you’re left or right. This is good Oscar-watching advice.

  • AnnaZed

    Gosh I love her; she’s so f’ing cool. The big news is that not only are these geriatric Pats completely out of the loop but that if you know who they are they can be had for trinkets or just the warm glow of a little personal attention. I am absolutely sure that this part of her accusation is true.

  • chien_clean

    I love ya Julie but what does a french woman have anything to do with the Oscars? It’s like me going to France and crapping on the Ceasers.