Sasha/Jeff Projections

Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone and I have posted a list of Most Anticipated 2014 Films. Here’s hers — mine’s sitting in the all-new Oscar Balloon. I had some issues with some of her choices to we kicked it around a day or two ago. We both received our Cannes 2014 press credential approvals early this morning so we started the day off in a good mood. We’re both a little confused about whether or not Christopher Walken does any dancing or not in Clint Eastwood‘s Jersey Boys (he definitely doesn’t sing) but I’ve since been told that the Broadway jukebox musical, which I’ve never paid the slightest attention to, is quite well written in terms of character and story turns so maybe there’s hope. Nobody knows much at this stage, but that didn’t stop us

  • BromanBrolanski

    The inclusion of The Giver is a stretch. I’m down with anything that gets kids to read, but let’s be real, it’s Divergent in a prettier package. Streep and Bridges obviously bring a certain cache to the table, but then there’s Taylor Swift in a lead role.

    • She has a cameo role, I’m told. In and out.

      • BromanBrolanski

        I’ll buy that considering she probably is on tour a lot.

  • Mr. F.

    Now that you’re using that graphic… are you going to start calling it the “Oscar Radar”?

  • graig

    I tried to download the file and it didn’t work. Is it working for other people?

  • erniesouchak

    Didn’t “Labor Day” prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that “high pedigree” and “Jason Reitman” should never be in the same sentence again?

    • Everyone should be entitled to a misstep or two. It’s what happens sometimes when you go outside your safety zone. Artists need to do that. If they play it too safe they’ll start to rot from within.

  • Davidmth

    Tell Sasha that Cameron Crowe DID win an Oscar for his screenplay of “Almost Famous”.