Singer Lawsuit Is Shakedown

In a civil lawsuit filed yesterday (4.16) in Hawaii, Bryan Singer, the 49 year-old director of X-Men: Days of Future Past (20th Century Fox, 5.20.14) was accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old lad in 1999 and forcing him to take cocaine and basically using him like a chicken hawk. The plaintiff, Michael F. Egan III of Nevada, is now 31 years old. His attorney is Jeff Herman, who has handled many other sexual-abuse cases.

This is obviously a shakedown operation, pure and simple. Egan and Herman want Singer’s money — that’s all that’s going on here.

They apparently timed the lawsuit to coincide with the upcoming release of X-Men: Days of Future Past in order to gain leverage and maximize the pressure.

You could call this the second major attempt to shake down Singer over alleged inappropriate liberties taken with younger males. Remember the Apt Pupil “boys in the shower” brouhaha? Here’s a link to Mark Ebner’s New Times piece about that.

“The claims made against Bryan Singer are completely without merit,” said Singer’s attorney Marty Singer. “We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this absurd and defamatory lawsuit. It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan’s new movie is about to open in a few weeks.”

Egan and Herman are scheduled to hold a press conference about the lawsuit today in Beverly Hills.

The suit claims that Egan, at the time an aspiring actor, was abused and taken advantage of by Singer and DEN founder Marc Collins-Rector at the M & C Estate in Encino. The principal charge, indicated by the lawsuit having been filed in Hawaii, states that Egan was flown to Hawaii to stay at the Paul Mitchell estate, and that he spent two nights in a room with Singer [and] that Singer “forced” him to inhale cocaine (how do you do that exactly?) and later forced him to have oral and anal sex. Egan claims that Singer sexually assaulted him again on a second trip to Hawaii. Egan claims in the suit that he never “freely, voluntarily and knowingly consented to these sexual interactions, and often resisted them.”

The age of consent in Hawaii is 16 so they can’t go after Singer for trying to boink a minor.

I’m not assuming anything as I wasn’t there and have no access to the facts. But I’m sorta kinda wondering why Egan waited 14 or 15 years to complain about being abused and exploited by Singer. He’s 31 now. The implication is that he was….what, too traumatized to file the lawsuit five or ten years ago? It took 15 years for Egan to get his courage up and find the right attorney and put the lawsuit together?

I’ve been told for a long time that it’s not uncommon for young gay males (or at least males with budding gay inclinations) to know what they’re doing and what they want and how to get it early on. They know how to play their cards when they’re 15, when they’re 12 even. A well-known, big-time gay director once told me he knew exactly what he was doing when he was “with” older guys when he was roughly 12. This Egan thing isn’t the same as a 15 year-old girl being raped or taken horrible advantage of by some ogre. Guys are different, I feel.

Was there some form of abuse or pressure put upon the 17 year-old Egan in this situation? Possibly but not for me to say. I do know what the lawsuit is basically about — i.e., trying to force Singer to agree to a financial settlement.

What’s interesting is how Badass Digest‘s Devin Faraci and‘s Drew McWeeny, longtime champions of fanboy flicks whom you might presume would feel at least a measure of sympathy or allegiance to the director of three X-Men movies as well as Superman Returns, posted tweets that said this was inevitable and it’s finally happened and that foolish Singer has screwed himself and that he’d better watch his ass. Here’s tweet #1, tweet #2 and tweet #3.

  • Chris

    Paragraph 8 makes no sense. They can still get him on rape – adults get raped, too.

  • Guest

    So it’s a “shakedown” for Singer, but Michael Jackson and Woody Allen did it?

  • HamOrThyme

    Can’t comment on the case and I really don’t want to know how the wind is blowing via Faraci. Yuck.

  • WTF

    Singer is a creep – not because he’s gay and not because of his predilection for adolescent boys, but because of his aggressive approach. The halls of USC are filled with film students that he’s had his way because they naively thought he would help them get into this biz. Everyone knows in Hollywood how much of a creep he is. Also my roommates in 1999 have been to that house in Encino – shocked more names haven’t come out. is he a pedophile? No. Is he a inappropriate creep. Yes. Also he was so stoned on the set of The Munsters pilot, he could barely direct. Trainwreck. Usual Suspects is overrated as well.

    • HarryWarden

      Yep, pretty much aligns with what I’ve been told by a friend who works as a PA in Hollywood.

  • Thom Phoolery

    Will this hurt the movie’s Oscar chances?

  • DrewAtHitFix

    So if I’m reading this correct, fucking 12-year-olds is fine as long as they’re boys, and I’m a bad person for not standing up in favor of this.

    Got it.

    • I’m merely saying what anyone who’s been around and spoken to people in the gay community knows — i.e., that young lads with same-sex appetites are not necessarily fawns in the woods, and that some of them know exactly who they are & what the shot is. I’m figuring that if that director I know told me he was wise to himself and the way of the world at age 12, then others probably are also. I don’t think it’s a good idea for the Twitter community to start judging people for their alleged sexual behavior with this or that person, be they younger or older. Like it or not, acknowledge it or not, but many of us feel a certain aesthetic bond with Singer (I certainly do) or feel a measure of respect for his work and what he has tried to do & the fact that he’s one of the more exacting & driven directors out there, etc. I don’t think it’s cool to jump ship & wash your hands of a guy when he gets into trouble. It’s not attractive to turn tail & blow with the wind too much. If a guy you like & respect gets into trouble, you should stand with him. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

      • Lou Rawls’ Ego

        Don’t know the details of the story, so I don’t know what’s what.

        Will say a hetro dude friend in 8th grade with me–I think that’s around 12–was having sex with his gf in the same grade, I hooked him up with a condom(s) to not get the girl preggers. And this was at a private school; nary a wildebeest in sight.

      • Guest

        • I didn’t delete anything. Here’s the last thing you posted:

          “DrewAtHitFix • 2 hours ago

          “So if I’m reading this correct, fucking 12-year-olds is fine as long as they’re boys, and I’m a bad person for not standing up in favor of this.

          “Got it.”

          • Guest

            • I never so much as hinted that it’s cool to take sexual advantage of young boys who don’t want this to happen. I said that it’s not unheard of for young boys to know what the shot is & to play along & so on.

              • Guest

                • Glenn Kenny

                  I dunno, I think Jeff should keep digging until he’s forced into the “I know what PLAYS in the gay community so you can’t tell me” move.

                  Alternate title for the post: “It’s Great When You’re Not Straight Yeah.”

            • The age of consent in Hawaii, which is where the sexual abuse primarily happened for the most part, is 16. The kid was 17 at the time.

              • Guest

      • So let’s blame the kid … don’t we know any better at this point?

        • I didn’t say “blame the kid.” I just said I don’t necessarily buy the “innocent fawn in the woods who was taken advantage of by the big bad wolves” routine. I said that I’ve been told by gay guys that kids much younger than 17 who know who & what they are & they know their way around & how to play the game.

          • You don’t know this guy well enough to say that shit, apparently, given the fact that he states he’s HETEROSEXUAL in the LAWSUIT you linked to above yet failed to examine before commenting on it. Nice work!

      • Terry McCarty

        Like it or not, acknowledge it or not, but many of us feel a certain
        aesthetic bond with Singer (I certainly do) or feel a measure of respect
        for his work and what he has tried to do & the fact that he’s one
        of the more exacting & driven directors out there, etc.

        Leaving aside Singer’s sexual morality for the moment, aesthetically he seems unwilling to work small a la USUAL SUSPECTS anymore–another director who feels he must get his quote at all times–ergo more superhero franchise/CGI fantasy stuff.

        • DuluozRedux

          He’s a fucking hack. Are you serious?

      • Let’s not let our aesthetic bonds do our thinking for us.

      • criterionstalker

        So you want to come out of the closet now since you’ve “been around”?

  • Thom Phoolery

    Marty Singer is obviously just in it for the money. Those Beastmaster royalty checks ain’t what they used to be.

  • A few thoughts about this bizarre post:

    1. Given the timing of the lawsuit, there is no doubt that this is a shakedown of some sort.

    2. Faraci DESPISES Singer. Nobody is getting more joy out of this story than Devin.

    3. That is one hell of a revolting thing to say about young teen gay boys. In other words, “they know what they’re doing” and are basically manipulators? What point are you trying to make? That it’s somehow okay to be anally raped when still a teenager because “gay boys know the game”? What a stupid, absolutely clueless thing to say, even for you.

    4. Rape is rape regardless of the age.

    5. Singer’s behavior has been so flagrant and so hedonistic for such a ridiculously long time now. Why is this circle of homosexual child predators protected in Hollywood? And Jeff, I’m pointing the finger at the media, too — these filthy, child-filled homosexual orgies are the dirty secret in Hollywood, and nobody wants to discuss it or “out” it. Well, except Corey Feldman, I guess, but even he’s afraid.


    • Jeff

      I think what Jeff was trying to say regarding #3 is that the gay community seems to police underage sexual activity differently than the straight community. I’m not arguing it is right or legal but a guy in his thirties having sex with a high school aged guy isn’t as taboo as a 38 yr old man fucking a 16 yr old girl.

      • Of course, Jeff wasn’t talking about a “16 year old boy” in his example, either. He said a 12 year-old gay boy knows what he’s doing and is basically complicit in a sex act with an older man. Which is horseshit.

  • JBM…

    “Quid Pro Blow” would have been a better title for this post.

  • Uh oh … the victim has spoken at a press conference today, and he says his mother went to the police in 2000, and the police interviewed him at that time, yet nothing happened.

    If a record exists of this report/interview in 2000, a few people (Singer included) are in serious trouble.

  • Jesse

    I’ve always been curious what happened with Brad Renfro. His public downhill slide started right after Apt Pupil.

    • The Bandsaw Vigilante

      Although, he still went balls-deep in Sandra Bullock. No one can *ever* take that away from him.

  • Jesse

    What’s up with deleting posts Jeff?

    • I didn’t delete anything. At least not knowingly. Honest. I don’t know what Drew is on about.

      • Jesse

        Weird, I posted earlier and now it’s gone.

        • Guest

          So I’m not alone in having left a reply that vanished. If you’re not doing that, Jeff, then you should check into it.

          • criterionstalker

            That’s the other Wells that hears multi-voices in his head

  • Hollis Mulwray

    We have legal ages of consent to prevent children from being exploited and warn off adults who would bring them harm. Consent is taken away from the underage child. Cooperation/participation is not arguable. The smoke billowing around Singer for his entire career has become a fire – he better write a big discreet check.

    • Again — the age of consent in Hawaii is 16. The kid was 17 at the time of the alleged incidents.

      • Would you please stop defending this with the tired “the kid was an adult in Hawaii” defense?!? Did you even read the allegations in the lawsuit? The 17 year-old KID was FORCED to have sex multiple times.

        It’s called RAPE, Jeff. No, it’s not STATUTORY RAPE, but it’s still RAPE nonetheless.

        Man, you’re dense sometimes.

        • MisterQuigley

          Did you read the post Jeff was responding to? Jesus, calm down dude. If you really think you’re reading the blog of someone who defends rapists, why are you reading it?

          • criterionstalker

            Suck a little harder

            • MisterQuigley

              Nothing gets your dander up like someone seemingly defending Wells. It hurts you, I know.

              And you spelled “stocker” wrong.

        • criterionstalker

          ‘Dense’ is too polite

      • Cinesnatch

        Kids get groomed sometimes for years before sexual abuse begins.

  • Correcting Jeff

    I hate to live up to my moniker on a subject as distasteful as this, but if Jeff had read the actual complaint, he’d have learned that:

    1. The plaintiff was *15* when the abuse started in California, not 17 (he was 17 when the trips to Hawaii began), so in addition to non-consensual sex, it’s also quite statutory; and

    2. The plaintiff argues in the complaint that he was/is heterosexual, so it wasn’t a case of gay attraction to an older man that he now regrets.

    Of course, could all be bullshit for money, but jeez, the facts are right there in the PDF.

    • Yes, I’m aware that the abuse started when he was 15, but the lawsuit was filed in Hawaii, which seems to indicate that the meat of the complaint is rooted in what happened between Singer and the plaintiff in Hawaii, when the plaintiff was 17.

      • Correcting Jeff

        So, it’s all cool, then. Got it.

  • Randy Matthews

    I find it interesting that based on the EW article, this was announced 17 years to the day after the previous “Apt Pupil” lawsuit was announced.

    • Bobby Cooper

      Will and Jaden always say we must pay attention to the numbers.

  • moviewatcher

    Jeff, the only point you can make in favor of Singer is “innocent until proven guilty”. And that’s a damn strong argument against the twitter people. But all this other shit about homosexual boys being different and therefore the behavior is excusable is disgusting.

  • scaryklown

    This is loathsome. You sure go a looooong way out of your way to defend the indefensible. The fact that you do that after declaiming any personal knowledge of what went on (rightly so) just makes it all the more odious. So from what “you’ve been told” 12 year-olds are fair game. Oh, sorry, 12 year-old boys are – but not girls.