• Perfect Tommy

    Good to hear, do want to see this. Along with many others, Ebert (and Siskel) played a big role in my learning to have a critical appreciation of movies.

  • Alboone

    It’s been a long time since I cried at the end of a film, but man was I a leaking faucet at the end of this. It just made me appreciate Roger and Gene for that matter even more so than I had before. This is required viewing for cinephiles and just for anyone who maybe dealing with some heavy shit at the moment.

  • lazarus

    As I predicted the Xavier Dolan film you were so intent on ignoring is getting very good notices. And apparently most of it was shot in 1:1, even more square than your beloved 1.66 or 1.33.

    Put your boxy-is-beautiful money where your mouth is and see it.

    • It’s such a beautiful film. My god. Watching it made me miss Ebert because I know he would have not only loved the movie but he would have helped encourage this brilliant young filmmaker to keep making movies…

      • lazarus

        If you haven’t already, Sasha, go back and watch Dolan’s Laurence Anyways. Heartbreaking and wise beyond the auteur’s 23 years.

        • Ray Quick

          Good God, dude, I respect your taste and you’re certainly more schooled in diverse cinema than I’ll ever be, but DUDE are you this guy’s HYPE MAN or something? Across multiple blogs you’ve been pimping Laurence Anyways like your first-born directed it. Dolan is 24, 25? That’s like being SUPER INTO A high school or college athlete when you’re 40.

          • CBJ

            “Laurence Anyways” is one of those “Boogie Nights”-style statement of brilliant intent movies that stick with ya long afterwards. There’s a reason why people keep begging Wells to step out of his “American films, with just a dollop of the lowest hanging foreign fruit” box.

            • Heartbeats or Heartbeeps or whatever the fuck it was called, which I saw four or five years ago here, was the reason I decided that Dolan wasn’t for me. God, what a little pain in the ass in terms of his personality alone.

              • lazarus

                For what it’s worth, Heartbeats annoyed the hell out if me, with a few splashes of vision and emotion.

                So I was biased myself going into Laurence.

                As for Lex’s question, it’s my favorite film of the last 5 or so years, and the distributor in the U.S. really mishandled it. So I’ve been trying I get the word out as best I can because many people I know who have seen it are really passionate about it.

            • Rashad

              Isnt it a Canadian film? Canada is pretty much American

        • Don’t believe it, Sasha. Dolan is a very gifted but problematic…okay, irksome filmmaker. Not for everyone but that’s cool if his stuff floats your boat.

    • Just came back from seeing 75 minutes worth of Mommy. On a certain level it was hell, and on another it was and is quite strong, pronounced and even commanding. Dolan has upped his game, all right, but good God. I didn’t leave because I couldn’t stand the lead character (a manic 16 year-old ADHD sufferer or celebrator, presumably a reflection on some level of Dolan at that age) but because I had an appointment that necessitated my leaving at that point. When the high-school teacher neighbor joins the party the film starts to become semi-tolerable and even redeeming at times. I was willing to stay despite the pain, but I don’t blow off appointments. I’m a man of my word.