Tale of Two Flophouses

My last night in Paris (i.e., Tuesday) was spent at the tolerably seedy Hotel Bonsejour (11 rue Burq in Montmartre). Built sometime around 1900, it’s for kids and cheapskates like me. It has decent wifi, electrical outlets galore, breakfast in the morning, a dinky little shower stall, fresh-smelling sheets, toilet down the hall — a bit of a dump. But it’s the Ritz compared to the Hotel Bowery Grand (143 Bowery, five blocks south of Houston), where I crashed last night for $90 bills. It’s one thing to offer a cheap place to stay, but the Asian-American owner of this shithole adds a few insulting twists to rub your nose in the fact that you’re staying at the dinkiest little flophouse in Manhattan. A room so small (roughly 48″ x 90″) you have to side-shuffle to move around the single bed. (There’s just enough room to stack your suitcases.) Decent wifi, yes, but not a chair in the entire joint. Electrical outlets in the room but none in the lobby. It’s clean — I’ll give it that. But thumbs down on this offensively spartan establishment and an affectionate nod to the Hotel Bonsejour, which at least has a touch of old-world charm and the aroma of good coffee. And chairs.

Taken from window of my room at Hotel Bonsejour (rue Durantin and rue Burq):

  • NephewOfAnarchy

    Wow man, that is just….WOW. That’s a prison cell. You are staying in a prison cell.

    • Buck Swope

      i think prison cells are bigger than this….

      • lazarus

        The complimentary breakfast served through a slot in the door only adds to the feeling of oppression.

    • Rashad

      lmao I thought he was exaggerating, but that is awful.

      Where do you shower in that?

    • roland1824

      And solitary confinement at that. A regular prison cell with an open wall with bars would actually be a step up for not being as claustrophobic.

      PS – I had to look up the reviews on this joint – hilarious reading.

  • Arthur Crittare

    Looks like you overpaid for the Bowery Grand. $65 through Expedia.

    • I booked a pricier double room and then when I got here they said they had no more left and if I wanted a refund I’ll have to take it up with Expedia. Jerks.

  • Phil Parma

    Looks like officer quarters on the Red October.