Allen vs. Nixon

For whatever reason I’d never watched Woody Allen‘s Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story until yesterday (’71). An anti-Nixon mockumentary. The short was produced as a television special for PBS and was scheduled to air in February 1972, but was pulled shortly before the airdate. PBS officials feared losing government support. Allen cited the experience as an example of why he should “stick to movies”. It has a Take The Money and Run after-vibe.

  • Steven Kaye

    Thanks for posting this! Genius stuff! I love his definition of American sex. And the brothers who studied aviation but became coalminers because of a poor sense of direction. And tickling the President. And the picture of Harvey’s wife and Nixon’s speech at the wedding.

    Sheer brilliance.

    I was wondering: was this the first time anyone had ever done anything like this?

    • You sound like you’re being facetious. I presume that your admiration is sincere but it doesn’t sound like it.

      • Steven Kaye

        Completely sincere. I’m a huge Woody Allen fan. The only part I didn’t like was the McCarthyist hearing – it went on too long and wasn’t funny. But aside from that it’s hilarious. Thanks again for posting it.

  • Mr Bohemian

    I had feeling this was kicking around somewhere.

  • DukeSavoy

    I first read the headline as Alien vs Nixon. RMN and crew battling the ectomorph in the halls of the White House. Kissinger with a flame thrower trying to secure the WH war room; Pat rescuing the cat from the Lincoln Bedroom. Dick finally fleeing in the Marine One escape pod after setting the auto-destruct.

    • Paul Marzagalli

      Have to confess: when I first scanned the headline, that’s what I saw, too, and my mind began wandering down similar things. Doctor Who actually covered Nixon v. aliens a few years ago.