Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Trust me — Craig Johnson‘s The Skelton Twins (Roadside, 9.19), one of the big breakout hits of last January’s Sundance Film Festival, is a much smarter, cooler, more exciting film than what’s indicated by this lazy-ass poster. It looks like a Hader fan Photoshopped this together on his lunch hour. It’s almost as if the distributor said to the artist, “I want you to create a poster that dampens down the enthusiasm for this film…a poster that says ‘meh, no biggie’…a poster that screams Netflix and VOD when there’s nothing else to watch.”

  • Gary

    Well the poster does have the requisite Peter Travers quote.

  • MisterQuigley

    “One of the big breakout hits” = HE will be featuring The Skeleton Twins ads this September.

  • Gary

    Oh and the poster reminds me of the one for Turner & Hooch. Seriously.

    • Perfect Tommy

      Which is Turner and which…No, don’t answer that.

  • HarryWarden

    Couldn’t even make it through the trailer, that’s how good it looks.

  • the sandwich

    All I can think of is the back cover of Eponymous by R.E.M.

  • Clockwork Taxi

    Bill Hader deserves to break out. He’s the best thing to come out of SNL in the last 10 years.

  • abbey normal

    Indeed, it sucks ass.

  • chien_clean

    Wiig is hot