Humiliation, Shame, Infamy

“Honor is a private matter within, and each man has his own version of it,” Thomas Becket said to Henry II in Jean Anouilh‘s classic drama. In a town mostly built upon expediency, exploitation and fast footwork, you might cynically suppose that the words “Hollywood” and “honor” are incongruous and best not mentioned in the same breath. But reactions to North Korea’s successful bullying of Sony Pictures Entertainment indicate that the industry’s best and the brightest are not only appalled and angry but tangentially ashamed of the cowardice shown by Sony management and exhibitors. This morning Variety reported that the cyber-terrorists behind the SPE attack congratulated Sony execs for the “very wise” decision to not release the The Interview in any format. The hackers emphasized that “we want you [to] never let the movie [be] released, distributed or leaked in any form of, for instance, DVD or piracy.” Who are they to give us orders? The honor of Hollywood has been bruised, wounded. How to restore it?

  • jermsguy


  • GhostOfGigli

    “The honor of Hollywood…”? Did such a thing ever exist in the first place?

    • Yes. Emphatically. Among the best people, at least.

      • GhostOfGigli

        And how many decades since that ceased to be the case?

  • “Who are they to give us orders?”

    The ones with enough dirt on Sony to make them cower and have to genuflect to get script approval from the likes of Al Sharpton.

  • MarkHenryHopper

    It certainly puts the release of Jolie’s Unbroken next week into some new context.

  • K. Bowen

    New demands being reported at the Wrap:

    “And we want everything related to the movie, including
    its trailers, as well as its full version down from any website hosting
    them immediately.”

  • Stanley

    I can’t help but envision a pimply faced IT nerd pulling all the strings and watching Hollywood dance to his/her (her for Sasha) strings. An embittered Sony intern perhaps? All this publicity for a film that got panned is certainly beefing it up. Maybe this is Sony’s PR champaign ending with Jolie & Pascal kissing. Regardless the release date should be as far from Christmas Day as possible. Honestly if KJ-U got ahold of it I would think he would make it mandatory viewing proving once again what AH’s the Americans are. But, I did not see the movie, what do I know?