Get A Life

I only saw 40 minutes worth of Deadpool last Tuesday, and since then I’ve managed to flush most of it out of my head. It’s a glib, porno-violent Daffy Duck cartoon that deserved a quick box-office death. Instead it’s become one of the most successful Marvel flicks ever released — $172 million and change since opening six days ago. And now over 35,000 ass-hats have signed a petition to urge Saturday Night Live producers to get Deadpool (i.e., Ryan Reynolds in costume) to host the show. The petition was started by Andrew Stege of Matteson, Illinois. Words fail.

  • GotoSleep

    You gotta admit that having Deadpool host SNL would be an amazing car crash for morbid spectators.

    • Chris Otto

      They should have Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds co-host. Could have some meta fun with that.

  • Chris Otto

    The good news is that it’s only 2 weeks until “London Has Fallen” takes it bow and steals Deadpool’s thunder.

  • NephewOfAnarchy

    Yeah, get a life. Words fail.

    Now, back to discussing if Chivo can win his third shiny statue at the annual industry circlejerk.

  • Charles Peligro

    They started a petition for THAT?! What a bunch of jackoffs.

    • To be fair people have started petitions for much sillier ideas…

  • Jeff

    I mean he’s no worse than a bunch of other hosts. I think perhaps this movie just isn’t meant for you, mind you I’m not a superfan or anything but it’s perfectly fine as an action movie/deconstruction of superhero movies.

  • Brad

    There are important things to speak up for in life and one of them is organizing mindless lowbrows in the cause of getting an actor that plays a vinyl clothed asshole on SNL

  • Michael Gebert

    I’ve been through Matteson and I sympathize with this guy’s desire for a little excitement.

  • Chris

    Can’t believe it will be any more clever or smarter or funny than the trailers. Which weren’t clever or smart or funny.

    • faustidisq

      Not clever or smart or funny? Perfect for SNL!

    • Ben Kabak

      Anytime you have a DMX song playing in every trailer it means its hip.

  • Gil Padilla

    I did the same thing with Trainwreck, but I could only take 20 minutes and walked out. What a waste.

  • AnnaZed

    At 40 minutes I consider that you took one for the team. I simply can’t bring myself to go to this movie, what unmitigated swill.

  • filmklassik

    I remember COMMUNITY creator Dan Harmon saying during an interview a few years back (and I’m paraphrasing now) that for most young people, meta isn’t merely an acceptable feature of modern storytelling — it is absolutely essential. If the thing they’re watching isn’t at least moderately self-aware, they’re not interested.

    In other words, we have an entire generation now that can’t take taking something seriously… particularly seriously.

    (And I suppose the exception to this rule lies at the opposite end of the spectrum, with unbelievably dour and sanctimonious B-movies like Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT trilogy and Greengrass’s BOURNE series).