GoPro Vietnam: So-So, What Else Is New?

Here are meh-level GoPro capturings of (a) a portion of our scooter journey through the farmlands south of Hue (3.23.16) and (b) a bicycle journey through Hanoi traffic on a Sunday (3.20.16). Unless GoPro footage is really extra-spectacular (skydiving, dropped from a plane, accidentally capturing some disaster, strapped to a seagull’s beak), it’s not much of a turn-on. We’ve become accustomed, jaded. But 10 or certainly 15 years ago this Vietnam footage would have been regarded as half-diverting.

  • brenkilco

    Funny thing. I know that all of Full Metal Jacket, minus perhaps a couple of second unit shots was done in England. But there’s a lengthy tracking shot of an army column marching toward Hue, with Modine yacking to a sergeant. And the road, the background of fields and scattered trees, even the canal running beside the shoulder look exactly like where you are. Kubrick liked things to look right.

    • Marilynrlewis3

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