Four Days of Respite From Trump Nightmare

As Ben Affleck‘s Live By Night began screening last night for elite press, Hollywood Elsewhere was hanging at The Porch with the Key West Film Festival guys — founder & chairman Brooke Christian, director of programming Michael Tuckman, p.r. honcho Julia Pacetti — and Indiewire‘s Eric Kohn.

It’s 12:55 pm now. Sunny and around 80 degrees, and more than a little humid. I’ve rented my bicycle. I’m sitting inside Coffee Plantation, a nice little cappucino-and-croissant bungalow on Caroline Street, as I tap this out. Key West is basically about peace, flora, shade, sea air, serenity and Bahamian architecture to die for. Not to mention evening fragrances that will transform your basic outlook on life. What better place to hang or have a film festival, for that matter?

Adjacent to Key West cemetery.

Remember when people use to sweep their sidewalks and patios with brooms? Before the invention of obnoxious leaf-blowers, I mean. Their relentless use has turned Los Angeles into a kind of coughing, motor-revving hell, and all because Latino groundskeepers swear by them.

Indiewire critic Eric Kohn hanging last night at Key West’s The Porch.

Main indoor lounge at Key West’s Coffee Plantation.
  • Stewart Klein

    That Eric Kohn sure is fetching.

    • Glenn Kenny

      You have to give Eric credit. He’s never disappointed in the presentation department

      It seems he may the one man who can bridge the Wells/Ehrlich divide, and bring peace to these troubled waters. Or not.

  • Brad

    To sweep your sidewalk with a broom is a peaceful zen kinda thing – a blower is far from it. Who decided that sweeping with a broom is such a terrible thing anyway, like civilized humans are just way too good for mere brooms?

    I do not own one, and I never will.

    My neighbors with the high decibel blowers drive me nuts

    • Lou Rawls’ Ego

      Handmade brooms are where it’s at.

  • Matt of Sleaford

    It’s a little touristy (okay, a lot touristy), but if Dominique is still doing his housecat/lion tamer shtick in Mallory Square, you should check it out. I’ve seen the show enough times to learn that the “untamable” cats make the same “mistakes” at the same point in every show. Plus, the guy himself is a legitimate trip (and obviously fellow cat lover). He’s a Key West institution.

  • Lou Rawls’ Ego

    DJ’s Clam Shack! Always a fav when there.

    • Raygo

      Second that, and that French Pastry shop across the street maybe a block or two south. I could (and did when I was there) eat Key Lime Pie every day.