Alternate Passengers Plotting

Everyone now knows that Passengers (Sony, 12.21) is saddled with a gnarly ethical issue. When engineer Chris Pratt is aroused from hibernation aboard a massive star cruiser in the midst of a 120-year voyage to a planet called Homestead II, he realizes he’s been accidentally revived — the other 4999 passengers will be in hibernation for another 80 years. Faced with a life of absolute loneliness and certain to die before the ship arrives, Pratt decides to wake up journalist Jennifer Lawrence, whom he’s fallen in love with after watching her video profile and reading her articles. On one hand his loneliness problem is solved — on the other he’s a creep and a kind of murderer.

HE commenter “Jeff” has mentioned that in a just-posted Fight In The War Room podcast, Indiewire critic David Ehrlich says that Passengers “would have been better served if Pratt died in Act Three and Lawrence then realized herself that she needs to wake someone up too to avoid a lifetime alone.” Good ending! Another scenario was subsequently suggested by HE commenter “Mr. Sunset Terra Cotta“, to wit: “Even if Pratt doesn’t die in Act Three, Lawrence decides she needs to wake someone else up to have an affair with when Pratt starts wearing thin.” Even better!

  • SJR

    Once he’s awaken from hibernation, Pratt simply can’t go back to sleep? It malfunctioned, but Is the machine broken? not operational, are drugs that allow the hyper sleep not available? why doesn’t this fucker go back to sleep.

    • He’s the great-great-great-great-great-great grandson of Al Pacino’s Will Dormer.

      • Glenn Kenny

        “This movie could have been saved with a plot twist proving that the chick was as much of a shit as the dude. Oh, wait—more of a shit than the dude? EVEN BETTER!”

        • Michael Gebert

          Other twists that could have worked:
          He’s been dead all along.
          She’s really a he.
          People are just food for the real colonists.
          All of the passengers committed the murder together.
          An old photo reveals that he’s always been the caretaker of the ship.

          • Lawrence decides she needs to wake someone else up to have an affair with when Pratt starts wearing thin….and this is when she discovers she’s the only human on a ship full of Pratt androids. Nooooooo!

        • C’mon, Glenn — you know either of these third-act scenarios would play better than the existing one. Either one would at least deliver an unexpected twist. Perverse, okay, but at least a twist.

          • Thom Phoolery

            Twists – another mark of mediocre screenwriting.

          • AstralWeeks666

            Plus it would address the whole protagonist of the film is a stalker creep self

  • Patrick Murtha

    Wake up everybody! Let’s party!

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  • Why are our names in quotes? As if these aren’t our real names.

    • Michael Gebert

      You’re nobody till he quotes you as “somebody said…”

  • AstralWeeks666

    Does the film explain why a long haulage ship that is transporting comatose people also doubles as a luxury resort with private cinemas, swimming pools and a high end lounge bar with it’s own debonair robot host?

  • Stewart Klein

    How about that Pratt can’t stand her bitching about the way he dresses, eats, his bathroom habits, and his talking sports with Michael Sheen’s robot and puts her back to sleep while Neil Hefti’s theme from The odd Couple plays in the background.

  • DukeSavoy

    He wakes her up but doesn’t realize she’s a psychopath who was packaged aboard as a test subject for research purposes. She’s affectionate and he’s in heaven. Until he discovers she has woken up another guy and has been doing him too. She has the two of them fight to the death. Pratt prevails and afterward she binds his wounds and he thinks he’s okay. Until another guy shows up and he must fight again. He barely survives this one and when he’s done he accepts her help in nursing him back to health. And then goes after her, realizing that he must kill her or the cycle continue and eventually he will lose.

  • Dr. Bob

    Ehrlch’s ending is so good, they should halt the release and reshoot the ending. I’m dead serious.

  • San Diego Cinerama

    Having read the script, and knowing what happens in the third act, I’m baffled by the contentions that THAT is the gnarly ethical issue that’s getting all the press. I mean… the critics are right, but it’s also small peanuts compared to what happens.