A Brilliant Script Doctor At Age 22

Around noon today Debbie Reynolds tweeted that daughter Carrie Fisher is in “stable” condition and therefore presumably out of the woods, at least for now. Fisher suffered a serious heart attack two days ago on a London-to-LAX flight. By the way: Check out this page from Fisher’s Empire Strikes Back script (dated 3.19.79) and note the improvements to the dialogue that she wrote, most of which were used for the film. Fisher obviously had a knack for honing superfluous dialogue and adding flavor.

  • K. Bowen

    I’m not a doctor or anything, but this statement made me less optimistic. Essentially not hearing she’s conscious and talking to her family. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    ESB was on Turner about 94 times last week, and I remember watching that scene and really liking the dialogue.

    I also had a though about Fisher: wouldn’t she have been terrific in the screwball era? Wasn’t that the time made for her?

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  • faustidisq

    So George Michael died. I guess 2016 needed at least one death today. Why are Jimmy Fallon and Rush Limbaugh still standing??

  • scoots

    I never thought I’d read the words ‘Carrie Fisher’ and ‘stable condition’ in the same sentence.
    In this context, however, it’s encouraging news.

  • filmklassik

    Indeed. And keep in mind, this wasn’t tin-ear George Lucas dialogue she was improving. This was EMPIRE. These lines were originally written by Lawrence Kasdan and Leigh Brackett. And she made them better.

    • Check. Except some of it WAS tin-ear Lucas dialogue as he reportedly tossed out most or much of what Leigh Brackett wrote.

      • filmklassik

        …Which is where Kasdan came in, right? I thought Kasdan was brought in to completely rewrite Brackett after Brackett passed away.

        Or was Lucas tinkering with HIS dialogue, too?

        • The Bandsaw Vigilante

          At that point in the shooting, it was pretty much all Kasdan.

        • DimitriL

          The timeline is Brackett, then Lucas doing a complete, uncredited page-one rewrite where Empire took pretty much its formal shape. Then Kasdan compressed and sharpened the Lucas draft. (Kasdan had a much bigger hand on Return of the Jedi.)

          • filmklassik

            Interesting. That means that Lucas (who everyone rags on for being a piss-poor screenwriter) was the primary author of the screenplay for what many consider to be the finest film in the series.

  • AnnaZed

    It’s over, she’s gone. A very sad thing.

  • JoshM1976
    • Mr. F.

      I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it a “hoax” — the optimist in me would say the original poster was “mistaken” — but yes, those were Kershner’s changes.