Staring Daggers

It seemed as if Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn, sitting at their Hacksaw Ridge table during last night’s Golden Globes telecast, were not enthralled by Meryl Streep‘s anti-Trump speech, which basically castigated the President-elect for his “instinct to humiliate,” coarse manners and generally bullying manner. Even if you didn’t know Gibson and Vaughn are righties, their expressions said it all. At least two news orgs have noticed — Media-ite and London’s Daily Mail

  • Fred’s Hand

    “At least two news orgs have noticed — Media-ite and London’s Daily Mail”


    • gruver1

      So it’s not just me.

    • Mark

      Didn’t everyone notice? It’s no coincidence that the camera cut to the Gibson table. I was hoping to see their reaction to the Hiddleston speech.

  • adam____l

    Daily Mail is not a news org by any reasonable definition – it’s complete trash. And Gibson is hardly shooing daggers – Vaughn is, I’ll grant you.

    • gruver1

      Gibson is obviously alarmed, concerned….his face is going “whoa, whoa…what’s she saying here?…I’m not sure I like the sound of this.”

      • Jeff

        I don’t see the Gibson one but Vaughn for sure looks pissed. Perhaps Trump aside, it’s two guys who think highly of themselves aren’t big Streep fans in general. I mean I understand the only Hollywood position to have is Streep is an acting God and perfect angelic human being but a look during her speech hardly means anything. It’s not as if either one took to Twitter and called her names. I mean hell Vaughn could be drunk and someone told a bad joke.

        • Mark

          Vince is not drunk. He’s in hell, but not cuz she’s attacking his guy. He leans right, by Coastal standards, but this look is more Team America can’t stand Hollywood self righteousness.

      • Reverent and free

        He looks troubled, but if anything that means he’s listening rather than being pissed at goddam liberals.

    • gruver1

      Whether you like it or not, it’s a legit newspaper. It’s not the Enquirer or the Star — yes, it’s tabloidy but you can’t call it worthless mulch because it’s not.

  • Gibson looks oddly like Francis Bacon there. Vaughan looks like a Bond villain.

    • z2knees

      God, don’t give his agent any ideas.

      • Well, I imagine after TRUE DETECTIVE season 2, his agent is probably more like “Lets do Wedding Crashers 5: In Space.

    • chien_clean

      Vaughan looks like a badass to me in that pick

  • Crazy man

    not shocking! He fits Trumps demographic, Mel Gibson is a racist and antisemitic. He is the celebrity face of the Alt Right..

  • Reverent and free

    Actually, Gibson in his interview with Peter Travers suggested that he was not a Trump supporter.. He isn’t Jon Voight, more like Eastwood. I’ll always remember Gibson making a joke near the end of his widely publicized interview with Diane Sawyer for The Passion of the Christ about the lack of WMDs in Iraq (that was later followed by him comparing the Mayan rulers in Apocalypto to fear mongering in the war on terror).

  • I’d comment on the thousands and thousands of words being written about the understated expressions on these two guys’ faces, but I don’t want to be accused of projecting.

    • Grampappy Amos

      Is that really so bad? Jeff fondly brings up his days as a projectionist more than occasionally.


        Most people would call that job “vegetable canner,” but I guess he did have a unique method.

  • SJR

    Gibson looks vaguely attentive, Vaughn is having none of it.

  • Steven Gaydos
    • Eric

      Who is that? lol.

      • Steven Gaydos

        Number one fan of the Hollywood Foreign Press.

        • waitaminute2

          What did the Hollywood Foreign press do this time ? Lol

          • Steven Gaydos

            Nothing except give top dramatic award to Moonlight, the edgiest and most revolutionary of the films nominated and give best comedy or musical award to the film that has 92% RottenTomatoes rating and seems destined to win Oscar, that is if paid army of blognosticators who’ve been trying to push the win since day one in order to… well, never mind. Answer: Lots of stone throwing from lots of glass houses imho.

            • waitaminute2

              “Moonlight”? Will google the film

    • Jeff

      My God I love that woman.

    • gruver1

      TheWrap editor-founder Sharon Waxman

      • Bite The Dust

        Kudos to her not getting swept up in the Lemming like behavior of most of the room. Wells should take her as an inspiration considering that he pretends to be a lone wolf idiosyncratic voice…

        • Read her twitter feed from the evening and her column about it. She was in enthusiastic support of her speech.

          I mean, points for not going bonkers with everyone else over an obtuse sitcom joke disguised as political insight (it was after the birthplaces/MMA riff), but this is now lemmings vs. lemmings with lemmings heckling from the sidelines.

    • That’s one of the best I’ve seen since Nick Nolte’s response to the Elia Kazan Oscar.

  • Ferret Jones

    I don’t know why we read too much into facial expressions. I could imagine a dozen different scenarios swimming through their minds at that particular moment in time. It’s nonsense to imply anything unless they themselves came out and say what they were actually feeling at the time.

  • Pete Miesel

    Gibson has kids almost as old as Damien Chazelle

  • Dr. New Jersey

    You’re right, of course. For their expressions both men deserve to be bullied and humiliated. They do have different points of view and all.

  • Eric

    Mel Gibson was just wondering why Meryl forgot to bring him up in the list of great actors in the room.

  • Ivan__Drago

    Last I checked Streep’s rousing speech had zero impact on Trump’s innaguration plans for next week. I guess that makes these guys winners.

    • But it was an inspiration to Sarah Palins standing up against Rahm Emanuels everywhere.

    • Magga

      You were With Him from the beginning, so let me ask you, honestly: doesn’t the corporate, establishment nature of Trump’s picks bother you at all? Like putting the head of the world’s largest company in the role os Secretary of State or many of his many, many donors in positions of power? Because I seem to remember, at a convenient point in the campaign, anti-establishment was one of the main rhetorical aspects of the campaign

      • GotoSleep

        Drago is immune to all facts, reality, laws of nature—in fact, he just floats since gravity doesn’t hold him down.

        • cinefan35

          I’m still trying to figure out what an innaguration is.

          • GotoSleep

            It’s when people who run an inn take that augur stick and look for water.

      • Michael Gebert

        Try not to act like these things are unprecedented in American history, as opposed to… American history. I mean, it’s easier to name Obama appointees who weren’t employed by Goldman Sachs at some point than ones that were. And the same for Bush II. And so on. Honestly, Exxon, which actually has a product you can buy, bothers me less than all these Big Short types trading trillions in cyberspace.

        • Magga

          There are a lot of unprecedented things about Trump, but not this, except it looks like it could be pushed further than before by basically placing the State Department in the hands of the world’s largest corporation, with a gigantic deal with Russia pending sanction-relief. But my point was that, in this area, Trump is more of the same, and how does Dulouz feel about it? It always struck me as absurd for a man who lived in a skyscraper with his name on it to be the anti-elite representative, and now that he’s blatant about being a corporatist, why aren’t his followers disappointed?

          • I think you’re way off base on this. Drago is not Duluoz.

            • Magga

              my bad

          • Michael Gebert

            Trump appoints military figures: OMG it’s a coup
            Trump appoints business figures: OMG it’s a corporate takeover
            Trump appoints Republican political figures: OMG it’s racists
            Trump is a celebrity figure: OMG he’s a moron

            Who does that leave in American life, besides Bernie Sanders?

            • Magga

              What I’m asking him is, since Trump was gonna “drain the swamp”, doesn’t it piss him off that he’s making so many blatantly corporate appointments, since it was precisely what he pretended to be so outraged about others doing. You know how I feel about Trump, but I’m just wondering if everyone’s OK with Trump doing the opposite of what they loved about him. They were all onboard with him courting donors, even though they had previously said that what they loved about him was that he was self-financed. He himself said that when you take donations, you owe them. Then he took donations, and his followers claimed it was the right move. Now he’s appointing the people he went after (not Mexicans or women or the disabled, but you know what I mean). Is it OK? At least when Obama appointed Wall Street guys the left was angry about it

              • Michael Gebert

                …seven years later.

                • Magga

                  There were plenty of complaints about Geitner at the time. It just wasn’t enough to make people dislike Obama overall. I just feel like a lot of Trump supporters fins NOTHING wrong with him (and I freely admit I find everything wrong with him, to the point of switching channels when he’s on TV because I can’t stand him. I read his tweets, though)

                  • waitaminute2

                    Trump tweets oops sorry runs America from trump tower opps I mean the white house

          • waitaminute2

            His followers see what they want to see. But the RUSSIANS are already there. No need for spies when they are now going to run America . Trump nightmare is about to begin

      • Ivan__Drago

        It’s a fair question. But who do you put in those roles? Larry from the Dry Cleaner? I think he has people he trusts that he is looking to work with. I’m still over the moon that this is happening. I get giddy every time I think of it.

        • Magga

          I have to say, though, Secretary of State? I can think of a gigantic amount of people more suitable for that job than the head of the world’s largest corporation, who had one of his biggest deals, with Russia, fall apart because of sanctions. To me, that’s the one area where the whole think actually went beyond what I feared in advance

    • waitaminute2

      Dunno about winners however u all better start learning how to speak RUSSIAN as its going to be your first language very soon . Putin will be guest of DIS honor in sure the Russians will bring their guards to do a MARCH PAST while they hand out “Russian phrase book” to those of you waiting for your new true leader *Putin cough*.

      • Ivan__Drago

        This silly fantasy is still preferable to Hillary.

        • waitaminute2

          Whatever floats your boat

  • Patrick Murtha

    I dunno, Mel just looks like he’s listening to me. And not only does “What Vince Vaughn thinks” rank about 100 millionth on the list of life’s concerns, the category may be a null set.

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    • Michael Gebert

      Right. An equally plausible read is “Watch Mel Gibson strain to hear as Vince Vaughan zones out!” This is some Kuleshov Effect-level projection.

    • waitaminute2

      Well said

  • YCo

    Ehh, who knows? But the facial expressions during Hiddleston’s speech were epic.

  • Geoff

    Yeah I agree with what some others are saying. Gibson looks like he’s trying to act interested because he knows the camera might cut to him, but Vaughn definitely doesn’t like it. For some weird reason I can imagine Vaughn as a Trump supporter but Gibson as one of those righties who just couldn’t bring himself to pull the lever for Trump and abstained. But who the fuck knows.

    • Reverent and free

      Peter Travers joked with Gibson whether he had any “madman” insight into Trump, and Gibson laughed and said that he couldnt help. So yeah, probably not a fan.

  • Magga

    I watched the clip on youtube, and I obviously payed attention when I saw Gibson in this context, but from what I remember this is isn’t from a portion of the speech about Trump at all

  • m_00_m

    As Mia Wallace might say, “And they call women gossips. Get enough of you Oscar Weathervanes together and it’s worse than a sewing circle.”

    By all means, though, continue twittering (and Twittering) away about what Sally said about Susie, and how Mel looks mad (what’s his damage?) and leave actual political and social discussion to the more serious-minded leaders amongst us.

    You know, like Jimmy Fallon.

  • EboueKnows

    From NYTimes:

    Vince Vaughn, who has supported Republican presidential candidates in the past, was chatting a few feet away, so the Bagger asked him, too. Did he think Ms. Streep’s speech was an example of how Hollywood should respond to the politics of our time? “I think people should say what they want to say, and what she said was beautiful,” Mr. Vaughn said.

  • Brad

    Yeah, but they would not defend asshole elect either

  • otto

    That’s ridiculous. Every person in the room had a similar expression. What did you expect, grins?

  • GotoSleep

    Everyone knows celebrities live in a bubble and should never speak about a anything because they eat caviar for all three meals and their toilet tissue is $100 bills. But how out of touch are some of these folks? You won’t believe it after looking at some of the privileged backgrounds on these Golden Globe winners!

    Viola Davis, Best Supporting Actress: Dad was a horse trainer and Mom was a maid.

    Isabelle Huppert, Best Actress: Dad was an English teacher and Mom was a safe manufacturer.

    Casey Affleck, Best Actor: Dad was chronically unemployed and a drunk and Mom was a Harvard-educated (elite!) elementary school teacher

    Aaron Taylor Johnson Best Supporting Actor: Son of a stay-at-home mom and civil engineering father.

    Emma Stone Best Actress: Dad was a CEO of a contracting company (ELITE!) and Mom was a stay-at-home mom

    Ryan Gosling Best Actor: Dad was a traveling salesmen and Mom was a secretary/high school teacher

    Disgusting, right? Hard to believe these folks grew up knowing the cost of a gallon of milk.

  • handsomesolo

    VV isn’t even an actor; he just does his personality on screen, to diminishing effect since Swingers.

    And I highly doubt Gibson — who has been through his own ringer — doesn’t respect freedom of speech and, through sobriety, a live and let live ethos of tolerance that dry drunk maniac Trump could benefit from.

  • waitaminute2

    Maybe Vince Vaughn had indigestion or something . I wouldn’t read much into his expression here . Mel is Mel nothing to see .