Sundance Hipsters Will March Down Main Street

If it weren’t for the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, Hollywood Elsewhere would be flying east on the day of Orange Orangutan’s inauguration to take part in the Women’s March on Washington (Saturday, 1.21). The fallback is a Sundance Women’s March that Chelsea Handler is beating the drum for. The Facebook page makes it clear that dudes are totally welcome so I’ll be there with bells on. Marchers will congregate behind the Wasatch Brew Pub (220 Main St. Park City) at 9 am and march down Main. A couple of thousand people may show up — possibly more. The event is expected to end by 11 am.

Suggestion to organizers: If the march is confined just to downtown Park City, it’ll be over within 15 or 20 minutes. That’s all it takes to walk from the top of Main to the bottom. It would be cooler and more of a “thing” if the march hangs a left on 9th Street and just keeps going down Park Avenue, past the Park City Library and all the way to the Doubletree (formerly the Yarrow) parking lot. Question: What’s the anti-Trump chant or slogan? Another suggestion: Find some drummers, make some banners and placards. Aural/visual impact counts.

  • Steven Gaydos

    Wasatch Brew Pub 2017 = Selma 1965

    • gruver1

      No, no, no….

      Wasatch Brew Pub 2017 > Selma 1965

      • You know, some things are more important than good wifi.

        • Dr. New Jersey

          One’s hairline? One’s weight? Screen ratios?

          • Wrong, Mark Wahlberg, Spike Jonze and Ice Cube. The answer is necessity. As in people do what is most necessary to them at any given moment.

            And by necessary I mean important.

  • Eric

    What time do the movies start on Saturday?

    • gruver1

      Early-ish. I’ll have to miss a screening or two.

      • GhostOfGigli

        The rest of us will just catch it when it inevitably appears in documentary form at Sundance 2018.

  • Dr. New Jersey

    I think even bolder action needs to be taken. If an announcement was made now that the Sundance Film Festival AND the Oscars will be canceled if the Trump inauguration goes on… Well, that would be courageous.

  • NephewOfAnarchy

    That’ll show him! He’ll totally be taken down a peg!

    • gruver1

      You don’t get it. I don’t think you want to. It’s about doing something, anything to register opposition in a strong, visible, audible way that stirs things up a bit.

      • robert jenks

        Please keep doing more of this, because no one is aware of your opposition in a strong, visible way that stirs things up a bid. Stop being so quiet. Please.

      • Fred’s Hand

        And I thought the time to register opposition was on Nov. 8.

        I think he gets it just fine.

      • chien_clean

        And all will be sponcored by George Soros.

  • Throw in the skiiers who just want to get to the slopes and you’ve got some real rock paper scissors action going on.

  • Stewart Klein

    I and Mrs SK will be at the real march in DC.. Signed up the first day it was announced. got an executive room at the Washington Hilton for $160. Now going for $ !,300 + change. The Real art of the Deal. Can’t wait to march with Scar jo, Jessica Chastain, Julianne Moore, and of course Katy. Will post live updates the day of.

  • Spicerpalooza

    This is why liberals lose. This why Democrats have lost 900 state legislative seats since 2010. This is why two-thirds of the states are run by the GOP. We write petitions and have demonstrations, meanwhile conservatives are gutting the Voting Rights Act. We don’t even bring a knife to a gunfight.

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  • qdpsteve

    Translation from Wells to Real World: “I really wanna be at the DC protests, throw a giant public tantrum, scream at perfectly decent middle-class couples’ kids, destroy property and value-signal in front of all my 1% Hollywood superiors, but I don’t wanna lose even more filmfest access in the future, plus those downtown cops don’t mess around and once the shit goes down I don’t wanna end up in a cell with sex-starved Bubba for 12 hours trying to call my bigshot Encino attorney who’s snorting coke off yet another 12-year-old’s ass.”

    • DukeSavoy

      “throw a giant public tantrum, scream at perfectly decent middle-class couples’ kids.”

      It’s touching to see Trumpkins with such finely tuned sensibilities and quivering devotion to decorum. Perfectly decent and middle class.

    • There you go.

  • Michael Gebert

    Pull the tregroes.