It Takes Courage and Conviction To Stand And Shout

In nominating Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Donald Trump was saying “this is another expression, people, of where I’m coming from and what my election was all about — the resurgence of whiteness and white cultural dominance, and a modest but effective suppression of the multiculturals. We’ll try to put a happy face on it, but these folks are not going run the show as much, trust me. The Obama years are over, and we’re not gonna take any shit.”

Do I, Jeffrey Wells, have the courage and conviction to rant during a confirmation hearing and get myself tossed out and maybe arrested? If past behaviors are any indication (and they are), the answer is “uhhm…well, not really.” I’ve always run alongside the action, staying close but mainly as a cautious observer, like Robert Redford would have behaved in a ’70s movie about street protests. I’ve never been thrown out of anything, never been punched or billy-clubbed by a cop. I take potshots from the side.

  • Stewart Klein

    interrupted four times by protesters, and the record is what?

    • Dr. New Jersey

      Surely it was set by Tea Party Protesters that broke into hearings for Obama’s nominees.

  • At some point, if you show up wearing a KKK outfit (or spray-painting swastikas, or burning a church), you should pretty much be considered an unofficial member of the party. But I dunno, maybe the Revolutionary Communist Party has rules against dual membership.

    • Magga

      I was wondering for a moment if they were protesters or supporters

      • Marty Melville

        Just family members pissed off they couldn’t get better seats.

      • I’m guessing the black security guy escorting them out got the same satisfaction either way.