All Hands On Deck

I’m posting the following Michael Moore Facebook message because of an arresting three-word question that concludes this excerpt: “Our job this morning is to call our members of Congress and US Senators — especially the Democrats — and demand that they cease all Congressional business until they appoint a special committee to investigate the “numerous” links between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence officials. They must also call upon Attorney General Sessions to recuse himself and appoint a special prosecutor.

“The Dems must bring a halt to anything happening on the floor of the Senate or House until this is done. To carry on as if this potentially traitorous action never happened, to just go about ‘business as usual’ today, is an OBSCENITY. Hundreds of thousands of your relatives and mine died so we could have this most basic of rights: A free and fair and incorruptible election. If we are not willing to fight for THIS, then WHO ARE WE?”

  • Padre la Tiempo

    But it will be business as usual. Every single congressman and senator from both parties are literally owned by their donors or corporate masters or whatever you want to call them. It is plain as day that there is collusion with Russia, Trump’s business interests that most likely involve debts of hundreds of millions of dollars to Russian banks. It’s literally right in front of our face, yet nothing will happen.
    The Republicans will use DJT for as long as possible to enact as much of their “agenda”, then discard him when they don’t need him any longer.
    My guess is that impeachment proceedings will begin right after the mid-term elections.

    • bentrane

      Even though he will have done incalculable harm by then, I think you’re right.

  • THX11384EB

    That Trump press conference was spectacular… a truly unhinged performance.

  • Iamthetvman

    If we don’t all stand up and try to make a difference we won’t have a country. Regardless of you where you stand with politics, we can’t afford as country to remain silent and just let this reality show gone on.

  • Zerowing

    Hey man, everyone needs to chiiiilllll out, relaaax, go along to get along, hop onboard the big infrastructure bill to get some tasty porkbarrel spending for corporations in the home district, pick your fights (surely there are more important things than presidential treason), open your mouth wide and wait for the trickle down from TREMENDOUS tax cuts, tax cuts like nothing you’ve ever seen, BEAUTIFUL tax cuts for the most oppressed billionaire Job Creators™, the business of America is BIZNESS, boys, and there are FANTASTIC piles of rubles to be made via the Crimean peninsula, so throw some bones to the Jesus freaks (who wouldn’t know Jesus if he slapped them ‘cross the face with his dick god them tools are dumb) and git yr hog on!!!

  • Dr. New Jersey
  • childerolandusa

    Miranda Kerr will knock on my door before any of that stuff happens.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Been watching clips of that shitbird’s press-conference today, and I’m finding it difficult to contain this growing disgust inside me. I’m struggling to see how we’re going to make it through four whole years of this garbage.

    Essentially, Drumpf is his own base. At the press-conference, he was ignorant, frightened, and angry. He doesn’t pander; this is really who he is. There is no self-awareness there. He truly believes that his base is 99% of the country, and only a few big meanies are trying to hurt him.

    However, he also thinks that the imagined 99% will cheer him on. And he’s got enough people like Conway and Bannon around to assure him that that is indeed the case. In fact this was a total Alt-Right performance today. The Alex Jones/Michael Savage-audience will lap this shit up.

    And the CNN reporter did no one any favors by accusing Trump of “undermining the First Amendment” by suggesting reporters shouldn’t be revered as the arbiters of Truth.

  • Charles Peligro

    When you’re dispensing the “call your congressman” advice, you’re pretty much out of ideas.

  • robert jenks

    Newsflash: with Trump approval rating rising to 55%, morbidly obese filmmaker who gets winded tying his shoes calls for rebellion. Willing to use ALL CAPS!