• The Bandsaw Vigilante
  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    …And, look, that rarest of unicorns: a FOX News anchor acknowledging reality:


    Damn, Shep. If you’re not careful, I just might actually develop a tiny kernel of respect for your network.

    • Iamthetvman

      I’m sure Hannity and O’Reilly are going to the bosses and asking them to fire him. It was Shep who did an amazing job on the channel during Hurricane Katrina

    • Aaron B

      Shep actually has a pretty good track record for standing up for what’s right.

      • Patrick Murtha

        One of the best television news broadcasters in the country. Always has been. Fox likes having him because he gives them an occasional smidge of credibility.

    • otto

      That was his open audition for work on a real news network.

  • Iamthetvman

    The White House is now called the S.S. Poseidon. Who else would like to go down with it?

  • Giggy Pinimba
  • “When someone is elected president, they receive the greatest gift possible from the American people, their trust. To violate that trust is to raise questions about fitness for office. My constituents often remind me that if anyone else in a position of authority — for example, a business executive, a military officer of a professional educator — had acted as the evidence indicates the president did, their career would be over. The rules under which President Nixon would have been tried for impeachment had he not resigned contain this statement: ‘The office of the president is such that it calls for a higher level of conduct than the average citizen in the United States.'”
    – Lamar Smith (R-TX), 20 years ago

    • Susanldaniels

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  • otto

    Before anyone thinks about spiking the football, remember that the first eight months of Bush II’s presidency were a disaster: Bush was exposed as in over his head and incompetent, with a marked disdain for hard work and details. And then came 9/11, which was the best thing to happen to him and the Republicans. Bush was celebrated as a hero; pointing out his flaws and incompetency became anti-American. Which led to eight years of domestic misery, a gratuitous war, and worldwide economic collapse.

    Republicans believe that war is the great elixir. I would watch Trump’s response to and rhetoric regarding North Korea. That would be perceived as an easy win for a president desperate for approval and a distraction from the mounting evidence that he and/or his team colluded with Russia.

    • Zerowing

      Strong points, though it won’t be North Korea. Not even the bloodthirstiest Republican warmongers have an appetite for war with China, which any military action against NK leads to.

      Iran’s off limits because of Putin. My pick is a nice, tidy show of American Greatness against Yemen. Not only can they be easily portrayed as a “terrorist-harboring state”, they made Il Douche look bad last week during the raid where all those kids died and the SEAL died and we lost the $70M aircraft and the target wasn’t even there. Sure, he brags about the debacle as a YUGE success but you know it’s gnawing at him.

      • m_00_m

        It’ll be a “Wag the Dog” scenario but starting at the other end of the Wikipedia list of countries.

    • THX11384EB

      He’ll be gone in a couple of months. His presidency isn’t sustainable.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Well, it seems Trump wrote (then deleted) a tweet where he declared the media the enemy of the American people: