“Mass Hypnosis, A Shared Reverie, A Dream That Can’t Be Undreamed”

“More often than not, we’d be disappointed. It wasn’t the film we dreamed of. It wasn’t the perfect film we each had inside of us. The film we would like to have made. Or, undoubtedly, the film we would have wanted to live.” — an apparent quote from a Godard film that I can’t identify but nonetheless included in “The Empty Screen,” a video essay posted on 2.6.17 by Talkhouse.com‘s Mark Rappaport. Be honest — who has ever wanted to live inside a CG-driven bullshit comic-book fantasy flick? I’ve seen hundreds of films that I would gladly step into and merge with a la The Purple Rose of Cairo, but not once have I ever said “wow…what a beautiful thing it would be to step into a fucking Marvel movie and live in it…not once.”

  • Mark Henry Hopper

    I’d rather watch every superhero movie this year twice than another portentous, thuddingly-obvious “video essay” like the one linked. Jesus Christ.

    • After watching a few minutes of this one and then clicking on the Talkhouse “Powder” video essay, I’m not convinced these aren’t satire.

  • Jeff

    I would rather be Iron Man or Batman than live in Manchester by the Sea. Said by a person who grew up 20 min from Manchester by the Sea. Now would I want to live in the world where Thanos can extinguish half the people on the planet? No. But if I get to be Iron Man, its a resounding fuck yes.

    • Caroltroth

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  • lazarus

    You seem to be forgetting the female cast of Sin City.

  • PC Brownshirt Jackboot

    I like how it’s “Talkhouse.com‘s Mark Rappaport” like he’s “The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider” and not a director who’s been doing features and video essays like this since the 70s.

  • Glenn Kenny

    The quote is from “Masculin Feminine,” and is itself lifted, without credit, from the Georges Perec novel “Les choses,” which was a best-seller in France close to the time Godard made the film. Everyone knows this.

    • Dr. New Jersey

      Ummm, I didn’t. So glad I don’t use my real name here.

    • Charles Peligro

      Well discerning, well dressed Anglo Saxons wouldn’t know that.

    • m_00_m

      People who would attend a “John Wick 2” show on opening Friday sure wouldn’t.

    • Thanks.

      • Grampappy Amos

        “Thanks”..what are you, a glutton for punishment?

  • I used to want to live in the Mad Max world until it looked like we were headed for it…

    Aside from that, Naboo also seemed nice.

    • taikwan

      It is nice. I’ve now visited Villa Balbianello on the west shore of Lake Como twice. Really beautiful.

  • DimitriL

    I would happily live in the Ken Russell-Pink Floyd weirdness that is the brilliant new Marvel/Fox show Legion, though my circuits might be fried by the end of it.