Remember Watergate Junkie Highs?

The Trump administration is 28 days old, and already I’m feeling those old expanding/exploding Watergate scandal vibes. Everyone’s blood is up, the sharks are circling…I’m feeling happy again. Especially with the Trump-Russia mishegoss compounded by evidence showing that the FBI suppressed Russian intel while Comey torpedoed Hillary by reigniting the bogus email thing at the last minute. We’re looking right now at strong indications of secretive treasonous collusion with a hostile government run by an Al Capone-like gangster who ices his opponents. Plus a possible pee-pee tape! It’s a Tom Clancy novel, and it’s just starting to heat up.

  • Stewart Klein
  • John Cope

    “We’re looking right now at strong indications of secretive treasonous collusion with a hostile government run by an Al Capone-like gangster who ices his opponents.”

    Or we are looking right now at transparent vindictiveness aimed at political assassination based on innuendo.

    • azmoviegoer

      John with all due respect take off your blinders and take another look with open eyes. You know that if HRC had won and subsequently lined her Cabinet with hardline borderline fascists there would be have been an outcry from the GOP and rumblings of Impeachment hearings. Sending out her press secretary to then say that that the president has a lot of power and would not be questioned on some issue would have been the tipping point. Give me a break. This man has gotten away with the political equivalent of murder and it’s not even 30 days into his administration and we are supposed to sit back and take it? Wake up. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. This is about a genuine threat to American democracy just starting to take shape with no end in sight.

      • John Cope

        Actually, I absolutely agree with you that if Hillary had won she would be getting similar treatment with or without any indications of “fascism”. Both sides in that sense are abominable.

        • Iamthetvman

          If Hillary was in office the mess we have with Russia and all travel ban BS wouldn’t be in play. There might have been another mess that the Clinton White House may have started but nothing compared to what we are seeing now. Even the simple things such as private meetings with world leaders is now a public viewing in addition to seeing classified materials. How we can forget the morons he sends out to do the talk shows.

    • THX11384EB

      Meanwhile, on Earth…

    • Zerowing

      It is true that little has been proven yet, but there sure are a hell of a lot of signs pointing to something major – either “highly unsavory” or “outright treasonous” –going on with Trump and Putin.

      Whatever your view of his politics, you can’t deny that Trump ran the nastiest, meanest campaign in American history. His vindictiveness knows no boundaries and things have only gotten worse since he won.

      You can’t paint him as a victim without acknowledging that he sharpened the knives for the slaughter.

    • Vulcanic

      I’m sorry, I just can’t listen to this petty “both sides do it” bullshit anymore.

      Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, if they were in power, would almost certainly be guilty of the run-of-the-mill influence peddling that has characterized all republics as long as there have been republics. Surely some of it would cross the line into illegality and perhaps it would, at some point, create a genuine scandal.

      Donald Trump has openly admitted he intends to utilize the U.S. Treasury to enrich himself. We now know his campaign aides were speaking to Russian intelligence officers throughout his campaign. That is setting aside the general incompetence he has demonstrated every single day. If those campaign aides were talking to Russian intelligence officers about their espionage work AND if they were doing so at the behest of Trump, it may well be treason. That’s a very different thing from what might be termed “normal” levels of political corruption.

      One entity is a traditional political party for all its faults. The other is a criminal and perhaps treasonous enterprise. There is no comparison.

  • Dr. New Jersey

    This was an argument I heard for voting for Trump in the election cycle. Both administrations would be corrupt, but Trump was more likely to get intense scrutiny from the press, act incompetently, and not expect support from the Republican establisment. “Most Likely to be Impeached” was a shadow campaign slogan.

  • Iamthetvman

    If there is anything positive that has come out of Trump being elected is that journalism is back to a certain extent. Between the New York Times and Washington Post. It may also make people want to read these outlets and possibly discover that reading a full story is better than getting alerts on Twitter.

  • KED

    Whatever view one wishes to take on all of this, it is clear that Trump’s administration is stunningly inept. Trump and his ilk thought they were the smartest guys in the room and are discovering they are far from it. Call it political assassination, high treason, unwillingness to compromise or collaborate, pure stupidity, whatever, it’s probably a combination of all of the above brought on by a complete arrogance and never hearing the word ‘no.’ These guys deserve everything that is coming to them. ‘President Ryan’ doesn’t sound all that appealing but perhaps we should get used to the idea.

    • John Cope

      “President Ryan” sounds appalling to me. He’s the worst of them all afaic, covertly so these days under a reasoned veneer. I’m opposed to anything that puts him in his ultimately desired position of power.

      • KED

        I don’t disagree, but I don’t see how Pence survives the S.S. Trump at the moment.

        And where is Giuliani in all of this? He certainly seems like he should have some explaining to do based on some pre-election comments (remember the ‘big surprise’ gloating?).

        • Caroltroth

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      • Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb

        That Ryan is still a Respected Man of Seriousity among the Washington tribe, despite time and again proving himself to be a fraud, remains incomprehensible.

    • THX11384EB

      “How dare you sir!”

      • KED

        As much as we’d prefer Jack, unfortunately I meant Paul. 🙁

      • Hardcore Henry V

        “How dare you.”

  • lazarus

    Is Trump’s potential impeachment and removal going to rectify the gerrymandering and voter suppression that is the only reason Republicans are still holding onto power?

    Change is going to come a lot slower when Democrats still have an uphill battle in regaining control of either chamber of congress.

    • Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb

      True, but the ray of hope is that congressional gerrymadering can come back to bite you in the ass: In an optimally gerrrymadered state (assuming a roughly 50/50 party split), you disperse your supporters so that you have a lot of districts where you have just over a majority.

      This gives you a great outcome in a normal elections (e.g., 2014 or 2016), but is disastrous if you have a wave election where your party’s basic competency is on the ballot.

      • Hardcore Henry V

        Wait…2016 was a “normal election??”

        I really think I’ve heard it all now.

        • Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb

          For House members it was.

  • Ferret Jones

    What I understand the least is – what does Comey have to gain in all of this? He clearly needs to be held accountable for such a flagrant display of double standards but what were his motives?

    • Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb

      He’s a Republican, and that’s probably the beginning and end of the story.

    • Zerowing

      What’s that saying, don’t accrue to malice that which can be explained by incompetence? Maybe he’s just a doofus.

      Or maybe it’s both malice AND incompetence.

      He certainly had a bug up his ass about Hillary’s emails. Maybe he was an IT admin earlier in his career and takes mail server security protocols very, very personally? Maybe he found out she wasn’t using any special characters in her email password?

    • Magga
  • Ben Kabak

    Shocking that the mainstream media has them knives out for the candidate they couldn’t stop. Wonder if the daily outrage is good for page views.

    • Zerowing

      Trenchant analysis.

      I know your whole thing is “no substance, ever” but jeez, the WHINING… man up like your man-god Putin and go ride a moose or something, work through the terrors.

  • huisache

    Watergate was a palace coup engineered by an FBI higher up who was mad because he didn’t get the top job when Hoover died. The WaPo “heroes” merely fed the public info they got as a result of illegally obtained grand jury testimony.

    That being the case, who is the Mark Feld behind this veil? And why is he/she doing it? Etc.

    Detested Trump and his opponent and declined to vote for either.

    • Zerowing

      Wow. Some nouveau cuckoo conspiracy theory you got there! Nixon did nothing wrong!

      Keep fightin’ the good fight. Tricky Dick’ll be respectable again aaaaannny decade now.

      As for Putin’s boy toy – LOVE the idea that what’s important here isn’t possible treason, but who leaks the details of that possible treason.

      We need to get you in charge of a congressional committee, pronto.

      • huisache

        I didn’t say Nixon did nothing wrong, did i? Clearly he did participate in a coverup. My point is that when the press starts whipping up hysteria (great for ratings) there may be a lot more going on than meets the eye. You are only seeing what you are being shown and what you want to see. As for the possible treason, I am glad to see you only think it is possible. Never make the leap to conspiracy when incompetence is just as likely an explanation.

        • Zerowing

          Funny, in a separate comment today about James Comey I mentioned that old phrase, don’t attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence.

          However, there’s just too much smoke and Trump’s behavior is staggeringly odd. Having spent months working through it all as logically as I can manage, I’ve come to the conclusion that Putin must have something YUUUUUGE on Trump. Neither incompetence nor monetary incentives can explain the sheer bad faith and brazen lying Trump and his cronies have engaged in with regard to Russia. Something is most definitely up. Whether it rises to treason (disloyalty to America) is yet to be determined.

          My reading of your original comment was that Nixon only took the fall because someone set him up for it, which would be a wildly variant telling of historical events. So if I misunderstood something there, my bad.

    • The Bandsaw Vigilante

      The Legislative Branch has made it clear that they have no interest in investigating Trump on….anything. So what are we to do? Wait two long years for maybe a chance at Dems taking the House, or do we let conscientious intelligence officials keep leaking to the press and keeping the pressure on?

      At this point, it seems that the GOP is letting the intelligence community and the press do all the work, so that they don’t have to come out too strongly against Trump, and thus risk the ire of his diehard, very vocal supporters.

      They come out smelling like roses to their base, and life goes on. Though I would add that I don’t think under any circumstances are they going to swing for impeachment — they’re hoping the constant pressure will force him to resign.

      I mean, look at it this way: It’s win/win for the GOP legislators. Either Trump gets ousted and they end up with Pence, who will gladly and eagerly be the rubber-stamp they want for their policies, or Trump gets neutered to the point of being basically powerless within his own administration, leaving him so reliant upon the legislature to get anything done that he’ll HAVE to be more controllable (by them) to get anything he wants.

      There’s basically no way they lose, unless Gerrymandering can be undone in the next couple years. But it’s telling that none of the major Republican legislators are blasting the intelligence community and demanding it be investigated right now, nor that their investigations be halted immediately.

  • Agent Zeke Kelso

    Saw yesterday that the latest Right Wing conspiracy theory is that…wait for it…OBAMA is running a shadow government and he is behind all the leaks, etc. No, really.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Great to see Puzder has withdrawn his nomination as Labor Secretary.

    Also, Trump’s first rally as President will be this Saturday in Melbourne, Florida. Call it the, “Please Tell Me I’m Good” Tour.

  • Muldoon

    Watergate was the most entertaining political spectacle of my lifetime as a bunch of smug incompetents refused to realize that every lie got them deeper into the shite. One by one they fell and some even acknowleged their misdeeds later on. By comparison with Il Dookie’s bunch, they were reasonable gentlemen at some point. This lot seems much, much more dangerous.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante