“Well, You’re Black and They’re Black So I’m Presuming You Know Them…Am I Wrong?”

“This is who I am, take it or leave it. I’m smug, lazy, less than intellectually rigorous, committed to my preferred realm…and that’s as far as it goes. The two twains — mine and the one that the news media follows or subscribes to — will never meet. Ever. I’m here to restore and protect American whiteness and to repel or at least compromise any and all people of darker pigmentations. The good, average Americans who voted for me obviously support this. So basically I don’t back off and I’m keeping my guns holstered, and that’s that. If any of you have questions…I don’t know why I just asked that, knowing what the lying media will do with my answers…”

April Ryan: “Are you gonna include the CBC, Mr. President, in your conversations with your urban agenda, your inner city agenda, as well as…

President Trump: “Am I gonna include who?”

Ryan: “Are you gonna include the Congressional Black Caucus?”

Trump: “Well, I would. I tell you what. Do you wanna set up the meeting? Do you wanna set up the meeting?”

Reporter: “No no…I’m a reporter…”

Trump: “Are they friends of yours? No, get…set up the meeting!”

Ryan: “I know some of them…”

Trump: “Let’s go, set up a meeting, I would love to meet with the Black Caucus, I think it’s great, the Congressional Black Caucus, I think it’s great.”

  • Jeff

    Putting the race issue aside because that’s what he wants to discuss, this is exactly how people blow you off when you are like “let’s hang out”

  • Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb

    Yesterday he learned for the first time there was something known as the “two state solution” in Israel.

    Today he learned for the first time there was something called “the Congressional Black Caucus.”

    What will tomorrow’s lesson be?

    • Giggy Pinimba

      Blue Dogs?

      • Susanldaniels

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  • “Oh, I thought you were the blacks.”

    • Padre la Tiempo

      This exchange is absolutely amazing.

  • York Durden

    Why can’t she set up the meeting? Don’t all blacks know each other?

    • San Diego Cinerama

      I’m kind of surprised he didn’t ask her to bring fried chicken and watermelon. Maybe that’s next week.

    • At least he didn’t call her Coltrane.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Paul Ryan’s staff asked Rep. Luis Gutierrez to leave an ICE meeting:


    Guitierrez said that this has never happened to him in his two decades in Congress.

    • lazarus

      Maybe this sounds naive, but why didn’t Gutierrez just stand his ground? Make them drag him out. Elizabeth Warren should have done the same thing when McConnell kicked her out. Let the public see Republicans having Democrats removed by force for bullshit partisan reasons. Passive fucking resistance.

      • Marty Melville

        Amen, brother.

      • Spicerpalooza

        Well, you see, that would require Democrats to stand up for the things they believe in and they’re pretty terrible at doing that.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    I believe Swear Trek said it best:


    Also, The New York Times is calling this weekend’s rally in Florida a “2020 reelection-campaign event”:


    No word yet on when the President will spend a weekend seeing his wife in New York, let alone put together a functioning administration for hisfirst term in office.

    When Obama was campaigning for Clinton, Trump would constantly tweet out “Do your job!”

    So, Donald…do your job?

    • Zerowing

      Uh, pretty sure we don’t want him actually doing his job. The more time he wastes, the fewer people die as a result of a his inevitable screwups.

      Embrace the vacations.

    • qdpsteve

      To steal from Mamet and Alec Baldwin:



  • The Bandsaw Vigilante
  • Giggy Pinimba

    When Perot ran in 1992, he gave a speech to the NAACP and kept on referring to them as “you people.”