Will Feinberg’s Beatty-Dunaway Scoop Prompt Deluca-Todd To Pull An LBJ?

Will Scott Feinberg’s 2.16 scoop about plans for Bonnie and Clyde costars Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway to co-present the Best Picture Oscar result in a fuck-you pushback? “Several sources say Oscar telecast producers Michael DeLuca and Jennifer Todd [have] personally reached out to the duo to present the award” as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Bonnie and Clyde, Feinberg writes. “Plans could change,” he adds, “but sources say the Oscars run of show is being finalized this week.”

If you know anything about the guarded, occasionally prickly attitude of entrenched Hollywood producers toward trade journalists, you may suspect that Deluca and Todd are thinking about finding replacements for Beatty and Dunaway as we speak.

I’m thinking in particular of Lyndon Johnson‘s reaction to Ben Bradlee‘s May 1964 Newsweek story about his intention to replace FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. (The source was impeccable — LBJ’s press secretary Bill Moyers.) Right after the story broke Johnson called a press conference and announced that he was putting Hoover in charge of the agency “for life”. He then turned to Moyers and said, “Call Bradlee and tell him to go fuck himself.”

There’s a part of Mike Deluca, trust me, that would love to be able to do the same thing to Scott Feinberg right now. He and Todd may well stick to their plan, but don’t think Deluca isn’t tempted.

  • JoshM1976

    Get Hackman in there and then I’d be interested.

    • Is Michael J. Pollard still alive?

      • Susanldaniels

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  • Gary Springer

    Some enterprising person should make a film about Ben Bradlee.

    • Thom Phoolery

      Only if it focuses on his basketball years.

  • MikeSchaeferSF

    Of course 2017 is also the 50th anniv of a LOT of things. “The Graduate”, “In the Heat of the Night”, “Guess Who’s coming to Dinner”… guess they could pull a switcheroo and get Dustin Hoffman and Katherine Ross

    • Grampappy Amos

      You forgot Dr. Doolittle, man

  • m_00_m

    I don’t know from Oscar promotion, but why would DeLuca be mad? Don’t you want to hype up such an appearance before the broadcast, as opposed to springing it on people during the show itself? Or would he be angry that he had a hype date all planned out and Feinberg stole his thunder?

    • Nobody likes their surprises stolen out from under them.

  • Raygo

    Scott Feinberg annoys more every year, as he (self) evolves from movie fan to presumed king maker.

  • z2knees

    Nice idea, but I think Faye has burned enough bridges over the decades and Warren is nowadays not only a non-player but not regarded generally by the current Hollywood generation as an icon, that most everyone in the hall would not be impressed. Hoffman & Ross more likely to generate warmer feelings of nostalgia. The Graduate lives on more comfortably in the cineramic pantheon than Bonnie & Clyde. I, personally, love them both.

    • Grampappy Amos

      The Graduate lives on more comfortably in the cineramic pantheon than Bonnie & Clyde. I, personally, love them both.

      Imagine how different 1967 was from the previous years. Those two films really broke the mold. And you’re right, in retrospect, The Graduate, is more memorable.