Wrong-Way Festus Has Some ‘Splainin’ To Do

Almost two years after being forced to land on a golf course and banging himself up, Harrison Ford has experienced another private plane mishap. Variety is reporting that after being cleared to land on runaway 20-L at John Wayne Airport, Uncle Festus landed instead on a nearby taxiway. In so doing he apparently came too close to an American Airlines 737 that had 110 passengers plus a six-person crew. What kind of pilot lands on the wrong runway? The first answer that popped into my head: One who’s getting older and not as sharp as he used to be.

  • Raygo

    He’ll get into a lot of trouble for that, no question.

    • GotoSleep

      Not in Trump’s America. Ford is just draining the swamp of bureaucrats telling the wealthy where to land.

  • DukeSavoy

    Brilliant time saver. Landing on the taxiway cuts down on ground roll minutes. If he could bleed off the air speed and do a monster flare, he’d drop right it into the hanger. Runways are for the little people.

    • Lou Rawls’ Ego

      That’s why I park my car on my lawn.

  • Phat Abbot

    BTW Did you finally pass your scooter test at the DMV?

    • Naaah.

    • Caroltroth

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  • Mr. F.

    Sully landed in a *river* and they made a movie about him. Ford will be fine.

  • GotoSleep

    Landing at John Wayne ain’t like dustin’ crops, boy.

  • Fred’s Hand

    “Fly? Yes. Land? No.”

  • Pete Miesel

    You know as fucked up as the last year and change have been, I’m actually surprised that an iconic action movie star DIDN’T kill over a hundred people in a mid air collision. Don’t mean to be morbid, but the way things are, we’re overdue for a really fucked up mass tragedy.

  • RoscoepColetrane

    Private planes have way more accidents per flight than airline airplanes. Flying private is fucking dangerous.

  • MrRogerThornhill

    Time to take away his keys.

  • Air traffic control told him it was ok.

    Of course, he could’ve been baked and blamed it on Chewbacca

    • Grampappy Amos

      “Chewbacca”-Great name for an edible. He should be the spokesman.