FBI Director Comey Has No Evidence That President Trump Is Not A Lying, Smoke-Blowing Sociopath

“This is not a question of Donald Trump’s personal psychopathology, alarming as that question may be. The point is, rather, that Trumpism as a social-psychological phenomenon has aspects reminiscent of psychosis, in that it entails a systematic attack on our relation to reality. By continually contradicting himself and not seeming to care, Trump generates confusion in the members of the media and political opposition that has often rendered them ineffectual, especially in speaking to those outside the liberal base. They were slow to realize that he was playing by a different set of rules.” — from “Trump’s Method, Our Madness,” a N.Y. Times op-ed piece posted on 3.20 by Joel Whitebook, director of the Psychoanalytic Studies Program at Columbia University.

  • Patrick Murtha

    So, by mid-morning Trump has been called a liar by the FBI Director under oath, and is confirmed to be under investigation for treason since last July. Slow news day!

    • Patrick Murtha

      You know, Trump reminds me a lot of all those other Presidents who have been investigated for treason.

      All zero of them.

      • TinaDavis111

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      • The Bandsaw Vigilante

        From Oct. 28 of last year:


        …God that’s so true, Kellyanne. So very, very, very true.

    • The Bandsaw Vigilante

      Also hilarious:

      Rep. Devin Nunes’s obstinate insistence today during the committee-hearings that Hillary Clinton be taken down by the FBI for Russia’s role in helping Trump win the election:

      Comey: Hillary is under investigation.

      Nunes: Burn Hillary to death!

      Comey: Trump has been under investigation for months.


  • brenkilco

    RIP David Rockefeller. I dimly recall that decades back this guy was at the center of lots of crazy conspiracy theories. He was running the world through his Trilateral Commission. He was the head poobah of the Illuminati or the new world order etc. You had a better class of evil, dark overlords back then.

  • austin888

    Trump is and always has been his own worst enemy. No one else even comes close. Until maybe now.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    I think a Trump-aide shot him with an elephant tranquilizer to prevent the ongoing Twitter-repudiation feedback loop from collapsing into a singularity of stupid, and killing us all.

    You know, it’s kinda odd how the fact that Comey went after Hilary for her e-mails at the eleventh hour of the election actually helps his credibility now. The GOP can’t really discredit him without looking like fools.

    Eventually, there will be more swords than bodies, particularly since Trump inspires no love in the mainstream GOP. They still think (or just desperately want to think) that he could be a useful tool to enact their legislative agenda (such as it is) in spite of being such a giant pain in the ass.

    But eventually, either (A) the tax-cuts and healthcare-repeal get passed and they no longer need him, or (B) they don’t get passed, and they decide he’s a useless pain in the ass on top of being a potential threat to their re-election prospects.

    They’ll shovel a lot of shit for him, particularly in these early days. That’s partly party-loyalty and partly sheer disbelief that they can’t enact more sweeping legislative changes with the surprise gift of control over all three branches of government.

    There are indications that his personal toxicity may be powerful enough to scuttle those changes, but it will take a while for that to sink in (though I think there is already a realization that with a shrieking baby at the top, they don’t actually control 1-2 of those branches).

    If the Russia-story stays alive through the year, it will wind up eating the administration alive. Once the rats start fleeing the ship, it will sink fast.

    • KED

      The quietly growing rage of much of the middle class whites who voted for this mess could have a significant bearing on all of this. I don’t think the rank and file Repub Congress types are truly grasping the very narrow ledge they are treading on at the moment. I think we are in a period of what a Government class would term dealignment. It’s going to be fascinating to see where this all ends, although the outcome is probably still years away.

    • Patrick Murtha

      Although Comey is a strange case and not always reliable, as witness the pre-election Hillary email debacle, he seemed so confident in his statements today that I’ve got to believe that he has the goods on Donny and the whole stinking crew. This was a WARNING. And Spicer’s immediate attempt to pretend that Trump barely knows Manafort and Flynn (!!) is the proof the warning was received.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Also, Roger Stone was just on Alex Jones defending Trump against the Comey Russia-allegations, because echo chambers are where these clowns feel loved. Check out the smooth samurai jazz-stylings of muh man Rodge!


  • Randy W

    I know that Russia’s role in the election is bad and inexcusable. We should live in a world free of fake news propagation and the broadcasting of private communications illegally obtained. But I really feel like the American people are getting a pass here. All of Russia’s misdeeds mean nothing if many of these voters aren’t so stupid that they let it influence their behavior. That’s what makes me sad. The election wasn’t affected because Putin waved a wand and made it be so. Our dumbass neighbors took the bait and voted for this asshole.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Meanwhile, Spicer is swallowing his balls with a nonstop avalanche of lies during his press conference today. Hey guys, did you know Paul Manafort played a “very limited role” for a “very limited time” during Trump’s campaign…even though he was Trump’s campaign-chairman?

    I wonder how long Spicer will last. The constant contradictions, lies, and deflections have to be taking their toll. He looked and sounded very defeated today. The amount of time they’ve spent on complete bullshit trying to defend Trump’s wiretapping-tweet shows how bad it was, even by Trump-standards.

    I wish I could be at the next press-briefing so I could ask Spicer whether, since Trump wanted the libel-laws opened up, doesn’t that mean Obama could sue Trump for the Birther and wiretap-claims if said law was expanded?

    • KED

      Spicer has to be a robot, right? How can any sane person consistently spout such horseshit day after day and keep their soul? There’s towing the party line and then there is diving headfirst into the Kool-Aid pool ad naseum. It’s gotta sap your humanity, doesn’t it? The longer this administration lasts, the likelihood of massive heart attacks for people in it must be increasing, and exponentially at that.

    • Patrick Murtha

      Politicos have practiced plausible deniability for millennia, but when it comes to implausible deniability, Sean Spicer is THE MAN.

      Really, he is the perfect press secretary for this misbegotten Presidency. I especially enjoyed today’s explanation of how POTUS golf is so so diiferent when played by (white) Trump as opposed to (black) Obama.

    • Iamthetvman

      It’s the beginning of the end for this whole administration. Fox News suspended Judge Napolitano. Trump has basically lost Fox News his only mainstream media friend. Do you think Hannity or O’Reilly will make any more dumb comments like Napolitano did?

      If I was Spicer, Conway and Miller I’d form my own PR firm because no one will touch them once Trump is impeached and that’s coming within a year.